Thursday, October 22

Tumbling along...back to the old

Not much to show for the last few days...

I seem to be doing a lot of hand-sewing lately and that takes so long to do with nothing much to show for all that I thought perhaps, I would get my Tumbler and Zig-Zag quilts out again and see if I can get these two quilts finished !
The tumbler quilt wouldn't take too long to finish...cutting some more of the tumblers will take the most time...
As for this quilt, not sure what I should do next on it.....these blocks are left overs from another quilt....there's always left overs!
Or perhaps I could start on a new the new pattern I just bought.."Baskets for Betsy"...I told myself, I wouldn't start anything new until the new year, but a girl can change her mind.. can't she?

The weather is just glorious at the moment...perfect for a little gardening and a stroll along the beach... and tomorrow... another day out with girlfriends!

Take care....♥


  1. Hello Julia, What pretty Quilts you are working on and you know I love the basket pattern. Oh, I sure hope a girl can change her mind because I often do! ha So glad you are enjoying such beautiful weather. I just love seeing your roses in bloom. They are exquisite! Enjoy your day out with friends.

  2. You have some really lovely quilts on the go. Love both of those, maybe I'll get to do a tumbler one day. Love the new pattern as well, your the boss, so what you decide is right as long as it's fun.

  3. Hi Julia, These quilts are gorgeous. Projects for your machine quilting. Yes, Baskets for Betsy. You will make it yours. How big is that please?
    Enjoy a read Spring weather - Hugs Natima

  4. I just love seeing your work! Oh go ahead and start your Basket quilt!!! :) I want to see how it turns out! :)

    Have a great day!

  5. I love stopping by at your blog to see what you are working on. Nice Tumbling Blocks and good luck with the Basket quilt.

  6. Decisions, decisions.....I think all quilter have that problem. :D

    Have a nice day with your friends!

  7. Your quilts are very beautiful! I think it is a great idea to start that new quilt from your left over scraps. That way you will use them up and have another beautiful quilt!
    Have a fun friend day!!!

  8. Beautiful quilts you are making. Love the new pattern!
    Greetings, Cisca

  9. Lovely Quilts & a very nice pattern
    Hugs Janice

  10. Oh you have made some lovely quilts Julia...i am thinking now to make one on the machine takes so long by hand..that doesn.t batter me much...but there is not much to show on the blog takes me like forever to finish a quilt then and i got bored half way through and start something else....i guess i am not the only one...your lovely new pattern is burning on your table am i wright??..what ever you decide to will turn out great!!
    greetings ♥ Francien.

  11. These quilts are just gorgeous and you are so talented! It is wonderful seeing your work!

  12. Oh Julia you have such tantalizing options in front of you. I am not at all sure I could make up my mind! By the way, I love your new banner. Beautiful. Perfect.

  13. Since you know what you want on the tumbler quilt, I'd get that one done, then start a new one and put the other back in the box to wait for inspiration!

  14. great quilts!
    oh I think it is fine to start another quilt if thats what you feel like working on
    and cut a tumbler out of all the fabrics you use for the new quilt while you have those fabrics out
    seems like the tumbler could be finished this year!
    don't you just love these scrappy quilts?

  15. Both look lovely ... I await with interest as to your decision ... I thought a girl is supposed to change her mind, lol.

  16. Lovely quilts! They will both be wonderful when complete. Also must say that the ribbon embroidery on your last post was gorgeous!

  17. Oh My! I'm crazy about your tumbler quilt but your zig zag quilt is speaking loudly to me! Would you tell me more about it, please, pattern, etc. I love it! But then again I love everything you do.


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