Friday, October 9

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Back to normal....
After such a busy few days and all the excitement of the's back to normal, whatever that is, again thank you everyone that took the time to leave a comment.

It was such a beautiful sunny day yesterday, my kind of good, happy to be alive day...I made the most of the sun and did a few loads of washing....After seeing the colour catchers on Christine's blog, I was keen to try them out before I wash Dear Jane...she needs a wash now after being handled for three years ..Isn't this a lovely sight for the eyes..quilts flapping in the breeze. I washed these two quilts together and I must say, I'm very impressed how well the catchers to take the plunge and wash Dear Jane...oh, I'm so scared to...I might just leave it a bit longer before I do that!
Last night it was back to my Dresden's...I'm up to sewing the fussy cut centres on now..

I just had to share the story of this funny looking Grandma door stop with you...I love her as funny as she is......I fix her mop cap every time I pass her, it really needs new elastic!
When DGS#1 who is now 28, was in kindy, a long time ago!.......they had a grandparents night, to show and tell the kiddies drawings, work and have a raffle to raise funds to buy supplies for the school....of course all the proud grand parents were there!
Well I won the raffle which was a pair of Grandma and Grandpa doorstops....the other Nana and I shared the door's my Grandma still going strong as my door stop..
Friday already...A few chores to run off the giveaway prize..
Have a lovely weekend whatever your doing....♥


  1. Hi Julia, Your quilts are lovely blowing in the breeze! I love the way the Dresdens are looking - those fabrics are so pretty. Cute story about the door stop. I am hoping you are feeling better and that you will have a very nice weekend.

  2. I would have been scared to death to wash those two quilts together! They sure do look good on the clothesline though. Cute bunny door stop.

  3. You were really brave washing both those quilts together. I have complete confidence in the colour catchers, aren't they a godsend. I have no doubt DJ will be fine.

  4. Julia, who makes colour catchers and where did you buy them?

  5. Julia, I havn't checked your blog for a while and what a surprize I had. Your Dear Jane is absolutely stunning. You have given me the incentive to continue with mine.I also love your Dresdens.

    Kind Regards,

  6. I prefer the one with the flowers!!
    It's so colorful and so warm!!
    I love it!

    Best regards

  7. Love your quilts very nice,the dresen is looking good also the grandma door stops
    Hugs Janice

  8. Just love your baskets quilt Julia
    Have a happy weekend

  9. Color catchers have just started being available in my area. I've not used mine yet...but I hope to do that soon. I've heard wonderful things about them. The doorstop is adorable!!! I'm glad you have kept her "in action" all these years.

  10. Hi Julia

    Put more then one in the wash with your Dear Jane quilt, I also somtimes add a bit of salt too.


  11. I just love your Dresden...but you already know looks so great with all the lovely roses fabrics...and you are so brave to wash those beautiful quilts..i would sit in front of the washingmachine i guess...great picture you took of them..the hexagons are also one of my favorites to do because you really can do them everywere....very bad weather is predicted here so i stay indoors after doing the shopping tomorrow and try to patch a bit..have a wunderful weekend...♥...Francien.

  12. I love the Dresden and the door stopper.
    What wonderful projects!

  13. Oh your beautiful quilts blowing in the breeze. I bet they smell wonderful. I love the color catcher and it works great. DJ will be fine!

  14. Oh those quilts are lovely just a flappin' in the wind! I'm glad you took a picture of that - made my heart smile. I think surely DJ can hang out a little while longer. What's another couple days... or months... or years... hee hee!

    Julia, your fussy cut centers for your Dresden's are nothing short of inspirational. I got hung up on my Dresden Plates and now I'm thinking this might work out for the best. Never thought of a fussy cut center. Thanks for the thought!

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  16. Your Dresden Plates are gorgeous -- love the fabrics you've used and the fussy cut centres.
    The two quilts hanging outdoors to dry are just stunning. Aren't those Colour Catchers amazing?

  17. Those quilts on the line....devine!

  18. Cute stuff. Color catcher has saved my life several times. Recently when I washed my table runner made with vintage fabric I had to use one and it did the trick.

  19. the quilts look great flapping in the breeze........


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