Saturday, October 17

Dollies...pretty maidens in a row.

Pretty maiden's all in a row..
Doesn't this remind you of little girls playing " Ring-a Rosie, A pocket full of posies "...I loved playing that game...giggling as we all "fall down"...
My Dancing Dollies are looking lovely on the first border for the Dresden Plate quilt...I love the continuing scrappy look to go with the Dresden plates. The arms are a tiny bit fiddly to do, but coming along nicely...
At last..warmer weather and my roses are beginning to bloom..., this is another rose bush I wish I could remember the name of.....look how lovely green and healthy the leaves look, this bush would be about 12 years old..
Picked just a day ago and opening up perfectly for a lovely show and sweet perfume...
It's going to be even warmer it!

Tomorrow we're off up to visit son Joe-da-Chef and family...he's firing up the outdoor wood oven for a pizza lunch.....
Have a lovely weekend....♥


  1. These are going to look gorgeous as a border! Love your colours. Your rose is simply devine too!
    carole :)

  2. You are quite the designer! That border will absolutely make that quilt! It is lovely!

  3. The dollies are precious Julia. Do you remember cutting out a row of connected paper dolls out of folded paper? That is what these remind me of. I have never seen such healthy, beautiful roses. The color is so pretty; I can just imagine the sweet perfume. So glad it is warmer and I wish you and Joe's family a wonderful pizza get-together. Greetings to all!

  4. Cute dollies and the roses are stunning!!! Enjoy your pizza lunch with Joe da chef!!!

  5. How gorgeous will that be when it's done?? The rose looks like it could be a 'Queen Elizabeth', I have two of those, my namesake rose??
    Have a great weekend with family.

  6. Just love those roses:-)
    Makes me want to go out into the garden and look at mine :-)
    Your dollies are wonderful.
    Have a fun weekend and a great pizza with Joe and family.
    Perfect weather for it!

  7. The dollies are looking great with heads and arms, lol. Love your pink rose, it's glorious.

  8. They look great & so does your roses
    Hugs Janice

  9. Lovely roses Julia, I can almost smell them from her. Love the dancing dollies - Have a great weekend - Hugs Natima

  10. I love the dollies! I can see where the arms would be a bit of a "fiddle" to work with but worth the job doing it.

  11. Love the dollies and the roses. Just beautiful!

  12. the pictures of your roses brought smiles to me

  13. Julia,
    The dancing dollies are wonderful & a perfect border for the desden plates. Your roses remind me of my mother's. She had a beautiful rose garden & always the green thumb.

  14. Those dollies look great ! There's nothing nicer than having flowers in the house from your own garden and such pretty pink .

  15. Cute dollies and the pink roses are perfect for this month which is Breast Cancer month.

  16. The dancing dollies are lovely! And those Roses are just divine!!

  17. The doilies are lovely and those roses are my favorite colour.

  18. Gosh this border is really going to be something else!

    ...and what beautiful roses. :)

  19. My first thought about the roses was that it might be a Queen Elizabeth, then I wondered if it could be a Lorraine Lee. I've had the first and have the second now.


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