Monday, September 7

Quilt-As-You-Go...My DJ

I have had quite a few comments asking how I did my DJ in the Quilt-As-You-Go-Method....
there are most likely lots of ways to do it, but this is how I did mine and works well for me...

The idea is to break up your quilt into sections, so that at the end of it all you do not have a great big quilt to machine or hand quilt....Either way it can be very hard and very tiresome on your arms, hands and back.

First off the quilt has to broken up into sections, so you must put some thought into how you will break it up into sections,...on this particular quilt I decided to make it up in nine sections.... three lots of three sections across. ...see the quilt on my previous post
You must first piece the quilt in the sections you have decided on.... sandwich the top with batting and backing.....baste and quilt the sections in your chosen method.
Measure and trim back the sections , making sure they will all fit together nicely.

Cut a strip of fabric that you chosen as your top sashing, in my case I am using cream inch wide, cut a strip of the backing fabric one and a quarter inches wide for the underneath, the extra 1/4 inch is so you have a bit more to work with will see why then.
Pin the strips of fabrics down one side of a sashing fabric on the front and backing sashing fabric to the back..stitch them down with a quarter inch seam down the edge.
I then pressed the strips outwards, the way they need to go to join onto the next section piece.
Here you can see the top sashing and the undernearth sashing which is wider....
fold the back undernearth sashing out of the way and place the raw edge of the top sashing strip only to the top of the next section and pin well....make sure you have lined up all other corresponding sashing, in my case it was the sashing at each block..
Now carefully stitch the top sashing strip on.... 1/4 inch seam again....
In my case, as I am doing a 1/2 inch sashing in between the blocks....keeping to the 1/4 inch, they will meet in the middle and lay flat.....Press the top and there you have your top sashing on....I now have a 1/2 inch sashing on top.

Now it's just a matter of turning under the raw edge of the back sashing strip and hand stitch the strip in place...
You can also add borders in this way, all that's left to do is bind the quilt and it's done...

I do hope that you can understand how I did mine, please email me if you get stuck along the way....
Happy stitching...until next time....♥


  1. I can understand exactly what you did....and it sounds easy when you describe it and show the pictures. It will be awhile before I try it, but I thank you for this explanation!

  2. Thanks Julia, it was very clear and easy to understand and I trust you will save it under Quilt-as-you-go folder? One question Julia, what do you do with the wadding? Is there wadding behind the joining seam? Hugs Natima

  3. I do have the method outlined in a book but you've explained it very well. It was great to see your quilting up close to see how you did it and it's a job well done in mho.

  4. I need to have a go at quilt as you go..........saves a lot of money in the quilting and you have done a lovely job on each block........

  5. Hi Julia, thank you for the explanation .......makes sense to me....well done.....from a fellow Janiac....hugs lyn

  6. Having just returned from a trip and catching up, I'm in awe over your finished "My Dear Jane". It's stunning. I will study your explanation of quilt as you go and try this. thanks for the great explanation.

  7. You sure do make it sound easy enough! I am going to try that with your pictures by my side. Thanks,

    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  8. Great tutorial, and I have done quilts in this manner too. I am loving your dear Jane!! Just so pretty.

  9. Hi Julia,

    Your DJ is amazing - so beautiful and an heirloom in the true sense of the word! And thanks for showing the tutorial - a very useful guide:0)

  10. Very clever of you to quilt it this way ... your DJ quilt is gorgeous!

  11. Thank you for sharing, now I can give it a try!!

  12. Thanks Julia for a nice and clear tutorial!

  13. You are such a cleaver lady. I'm am going to add your tutorial to my DJ notes.
    Thank you,
    Mary from Texas, USA

  14. Thankyou for this Julia! I am getting so slow, I fear this will be the only way I will be able to continue to make quilts. I have discovered all our local quilt shops have closed & gone, plus all the longarmers seem to have gone also.


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