Sunday, September 27

It's Show Time!

It's been years since DH and I went to the Perth Royal Show....what, with a beautiful sunny day (at last), it was the perfect day to go. Just over an hour on the train and it was like going back in time, with fond memories of our children saving pocket money to spend at the show...laughing and having fun on the rides and buying show bags filled with sweets, of course one bag is never enough!
For the first time in 170 years...Our annual Royal Show has gone smoke free!
Perth Royal Show is Perth's biggest community event attracting 400,000 visitors from the city and the country every year. With a rich history spanning 170 years, the Show is an iconic social and cultural event which showcases West Australia's agriculture, small business and entertainment.
Country folk, farmers bring their very best produce, animals etc. for judging and the prestige of winning a ribbon...there are ribbons for the best meat pie, the best jam, cheese etc..
Here are a few photos from the show ..

Of course, there's Mum's or Nana's secret recipe fruit cake...
In the creative crafts section are the winning quilts and patchwork bags...

The quilt in the corner caught my eye...just beautiful!

Hand-made delicate and beautiful!
Not a good photo...but these are the show bags the kiddies love!

People having fun...rolling around in balls!
It wouldn't be a fair / show without the carousel!...
Then...This gorgeous jacket...It was a great day...
I'm sure they had a record crowd there today!
I hope you had a lovely day...I'm off to put my feet up...♥


  1. Wow Julia - so glad the weather turned out so nice and you had such a lovely day! Hope you get to catch up with your long-lost friend!
    Hugs - Shari

  2. What a great time I had the fist Aussie show I went to. There are so many intesting things to look at. What a gorgeous jacket, you must let us know if you can track her down.

  3. That sounds like such a good time and wow, what a crowd it attracts. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. How exciting to see the name of someone from long ago - I do hope you are able to locate her. Keep us posted.

  4. Royal shows are wonderful things. We opted out of the Adelaide one this year, but we are aiming to go to a few country ones for fun. Hope you track your friend down - her jacket is certainly a beautiful work of art.

  5. glad to know you had a nice time.

    Thank you for sharing those pictures.
    I hope you can find your long lost friend

  6. What a wonderful co-incidence Julia. Wouldn't it be just fabulous if your favourite hobbies were responsible for bring you and your friend together again!!!!
    Joy :o)

  7. Wow, that jacket is gorgeous. I hope you can reconnect with your friend! Sounds like a wonderful show!

  8. Sounds and looks like our County Fairs here in the States. What a fun thing to find your friend's jacket. Looks like you had an influence on her even when she didn't sew. Here's to finding her and sharing your love of sewing.

  9. That just looks like it was tons of fun! Is that similar to a Farmer's market that we have here? I loved the photos!

    Glad you had such a great time!

  10. Glad you enjoyed, Julia - looks lovely!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  11. Oh what a delight and Julia, the handmade lace. It takes me back to another age when they did that in the convents for the Queens!

  12. I've never heard of show bags before but after looking them up online, I am SO interested! Are they a sort of advertising/value goodie bag that you get at the fair?


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