Tuesday, September 1

I Got Mail!....

Hi Natima..waving to you...my parcel has arrived.
I took these photos last night...couldn't wait, so I'm sorry if they look a bit dark.

Oh my gosh what a wonderful gift to receive....I won Natima's giveaway a couple of weeks ago, you really need to see these beautiful hand-made books for real to appreciate how beautifully made and lovely they are.
The parcel was wrapped in a pretty floral paper, a pretty bow tied with white satin ribbon and tucked in the ribbon is a lovely crystal guardian angel pin

Inside was a gorgeous elegant Japanese style hand-made book shaped like a fan...black pages inside, beautifully bound, finished with a sparkly beaded tassel....can you believe this book is made from a CD disc.
A thick plain paper note book, all beautifully bound by Natima.
Thank you so much Natima, I love them...I don't want to use them...I want to keep them as a keepsake from you....it's lovely to have something you made..

Today I'm off to rejoin the Pelican Quilters, I'm really looking forward to the day.
It's a lovely little patchwork group that I belonged to for quite a few years, I left them for a while, but now it's time to rejoin and catch up with some of my old quilting friends and get to know the new girls there..I know I'm going to love it!...

Hope you enjoy your day...♥


  1. Julia, I am glad the parcel got there safely. So glad you like them. I love book making, they can be as creative as quilts. You have to use them now Julia. The CD book you can write with silver or gold pen. I made the little felted ball too - Hugs Natima

  2. What lovely keepsakes from Natima. I hope you will enjoy your quilting group very much.

  3. How lucky were you!!!??! Your gifts from Natima are just gorgeous, she's so clever!!
    Joy :o)

  4. The gifts that you got from Nat are lovely! Enjoy them all!

  5. Love that notebook and all. Perhaps special quilt memories would be fun to write in this book? I would like to join a quilters group. I hope you enjoyed the Pelican Quilters today, sounds like you have in the past. :o)

  6. Congratulations Julia on the wonderful win from Natima♥x


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