Thursday, September 24

Calendar Holder Pattern..

At last the rain has stopped and we have a reasonably sunny day today..

I have had quite a few inquires about my embroidered header picture...that is the top part of a Calendar Holder.
I designed and taught in my embroidery class a couple of years ago. The girls loved it and some of them even made several as Christmas presents ...they thought it perfect to give as the new year was approaching...somewhere pretty to hang the new calendar on.
I silk ribbon embroidered the flowers , but of course you can just do them in embroidery threads or even red work if you like.
I thought I would offer it on my Etsy shop if anyone is interested...I'll make it available in PDF form so that it saves on postage and you get to have it almost instantly!...


  1. Julia, it look sweet as calendar holder. I was given one many years ago and it's very handy to have. Glad rain has stopped for you. We are having it here now, thanks - Hugs Natima

  2. Hi Julia, That is the sweetest embroidery piece. I love the wisteria especially.
    We were out and about today after the recent flooding and many businesses are still closed. I just heard on the news that more rain is coming. I hope you will have a nice weekend and good weather. Take care.


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