Saturday, August 1

This and That ...update

It's Saturday...yippee!
Two little Dresden babies was all I managed to get done yesterday, I think I was getting tired sitting and stitching as the week was coming to an end ....we don't need to house sit over the weekend as DS will be home...
It will be nice to potter around our home and perhaps catch a little sunshine before the weather changes to wet again mid next week...There's a craft show on over the weekend...Dh and I may take a train trip up to the show...

A few photos for friends and family....Waving to long time friends Don and Caroline.
Shed...all finished
Front patio to protect front door from the weather...finished

Big gabled patio and carport on the side of the garage going up next...

Here's Dh helping out a retired many years but a metal worker by trade, helping the young man who is erecting the patio and carport on his own.
I think DH really enjoyed lending a hand, just doing the easy small fiddly things, but helped to pass the day...only this time DH is the assistant and taking instructions from a young man younger than our really was nice to see, and they worked well together..
So we'll be back there on Monday...just another couple of days should see it all finished.
Off to visit and catch up with my blogging friends...have great weekend.
Take care...♥


  1. Hi Julia, Happy weekend! I love the little Dresden plates. Tell Laurie we love the look of his addition. Looks very professional and seems to be going smoothly. So glad your DH got to assist and helped to pass the time. I hope you will enjoy your weekend.

  2. Oh Julia!

    See, this made my day. I am so lucky to see these little babies before bed. Gosh, you know I want to make some little babies now, too. I wont but I want to. You've done a beautiful job, an excellent job and created a splendiferous work here. I am more and more thrilled with each view!

  3. Whew! So far so good - and it looks good, too! I love baby Dresdens!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Wow! Those are some beauties! Really enjoying the progress on them!

  5. Your dresden babies are adorable!!!
    Well done!

  6. Love your dresdon plate blocks very pretty. Hope you have a great weekend. Nice that your DH can help out I am sure it is well appreciated.

  7. Love your Babies they are so cute...nice extension going on..really makes a difference to the house...welcome shade for summer...

  8. Love those little rosy dresden plates!!!
    The shed is HUGE!!! Bet your DH is glad it's finished ;o).
    Joy :o)

  9. wow....that looks nice...Have a nice weekend

  10. The little dresden plates are so cute! You should call them Dresden Saucers!

    Glad the end is in sight...somehow the shed looks even bigger finished!

  11. I love the dresden plates...they are just gorgeous!

  12. I just love the rose fabrics you're using in your dresedan plates - they are just so beautiful!!! What sort of template are you using to hold them? Freezer paper underneath?

    Great to see the "shed and building" progress.

    I'm sure the young man will miss Reno's help for the next job he goes to


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