Sunday, August 2


Busy week ahead....back to house sitting again tomorrow for a few more I thought I would get ahead a bit with my swap blocks..
My sewing machine has been running hot all day....I managed to keep off the computer all day (I did!)...and as I was on a roll, kept going till they were all finished.
Above, 70 Siggie blocks all done...Click on the button on my sidebar for more information on this great swap.....I just need to add my name, country and year in the centre piece before sending them off.
These are the little triangles that have been cut off the siggie blocks...can't waste these, so they will end up on another repro quilt as a border or I may even end up cutting more tri's and make up a scrappy half triangle quilt..... isn't it funny how left overs from one quilt leads to another quilt creation..

While I was on a roll, I thought I may as well do the last two lots of nine patches for the nine patch swap...if you click on the button in my sidebar you will see a slide show on Christine's blog of all the beautiful nine patches that are getting swapped...
These blocks are not needed till November, so I'm way ahead...feels good to be so organized...wish I was like this all the time..

Take care...back in a couple of days....♥


  1. Hi Julia - I was the same with the 9 patches - finished them a while ago - now they are out of the way!!!
    Your look lovely...

  2. I think being away from your sewing machine and supplies made you eager to get in there and sew! It is such a good feeling to be surrounded by everything you need at your fingertips and get ahead of schedule on a project. Good for you and I bet you had a grand time.

  3. Wow you're awesome Julia!
    Wooohoo...what a roll..go girl!

  4. I cannot believe how much you managed in one day. I would not be able to throw those little triangles out either :-)
    Have a good week

  5. Looks like you hqad a very productive weekend and all your blocks look fantastic.


  6. Your swaps looks great!! Mine are done too and ready to be shipped! Mine don't have to go very far...just to the other side of the state!
    Have a great Sunday!

  7. Wow, you've been busy!!! Isn't it lovely to get ahead with things!!?! I just seem to be chasing my tail a bit lately LOL.
    Joy :o)

  8. way to go........must get some more nine patches done........won't be so efficient this month.......

  9. Oh My you were busy, love your siggies and your 9 patch colors. What can one do with a snippet of a triangle?

  10. Hi Julia--Love your siggies and I can't wait to get one of them!!! I have not even started mine--and this month I am just working on Christmas projects all month--so I will have a busy fall--catching up on all my bom's and my two swaps I am in--but I love it all!!! the barn looks great and I love your pictures of the quilts--thanks for sharing--have a great week--hugs, just, Di

  11. Fantastic siggies and a finish! I'll look forward to seeing mine from you!

  12. Way to go on your siggie blocks!! I am so proud of all your girls getting done early. I already got one package in the mail.

  13. Julia, have you ever heard of Moose Muffins? I've read that the term originally came from a children's book.
    In the quilting world it refers to starting with new fabric and making blocks or a whole Q; saving the leftovers or scraps and using those in another Q; then taking leftovers from that Q and creating something else; on and on. Eventually you may be left with crumbs that HAVE to be called garbage.
    So you could call the leftover triangles from your siggie blocks, Moose Muffins. I have stacks and bags of little moose muffins, just waiting for their next life.
    Happy quilting!


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