Thursday, August 6

Feeling Lonely....

Hi everyone...just popped by to touch base with everyone..
Above is me, sitting, stitching and feeling a little lonely. It's been two whole weeks now since we started house sitting for DS who has been having some work done around his place ...hopefully today is the last day....and as luck would have it... it's raining!
I hope we have long enough breaks in the rain to finish off what needs doing..

So as I sat all by myself, missing everyone....I signed the siggie blocks all ready to go, I'll most likely post them off on Monday, all the big Dresden Plates are done.... today I think I'll do a little embroidery..
Must dash, to be out the door in a few minutes....

Happy stitching....♥


  1. Hi Julia! I'm so sorry you are lonely and it's raining to make it worse! We could sure use a bit of rain here in Ohio. I wanted to tell you your 9 patch blocks are lovely!

  2. Hi Julia, I do hope there will be breaks in the rain today and that the work can be finished. Isn't it funny how usually there are not enough hours in the day but when you are just sitting without all your favorite things, time just stands still!

  3. Wishing you good cheer today! :D
    So sorry for the rain, we could actually use some here in Michigan these days.
    Your blocks are just lovely. I've yet to send mine. Been so busy with relatives and too many other things.

  4. We are all still here so you don't need to feel lonely. Nice job on the siggy blocks.

  5. I'm sorry you were feeling lonely, here is a (((((hug))))
    Your blocks look great, you are fast, I haven't finished mine yet, but plugging away.
    We could use some rain here In CA too. Things are very dry & I worry about fires.

  6. Lovely sunshine now - let's hope it continues an you will be at home tomorrow!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  7. My when you sew you look as "pretty as a picture"!! Look at all you got done, I have not even started my siggie blocks yet!

  8. Love those siggy blocks...I'm really wishing I had joined in!

  9. Julia,
    So sorry that you are feeling lonely...Just drop me an email when you are feeling this way and we will chat.
    Have a good day!

  10. Hugs Julia... you're a great Mum helping out... funny isn't it...where would we be without our 'www.sewingpals' now...we're lucky!
    I'm so glad you could share with us.
    friendship hugs
    Robyn xx

  11. Happy thoughts! Think of the love you are sewing in to your beautiful projects, and the joy it brings to the recipients. And, 11 comments so far shows you you are thought of, and checked up on (improper grammar! :) I have enjoyed your progress on your dresden plates, such happiness in a pile! Are you paper piecing them? Have a great day!

  12. I hope that the rain clears so that what needs to be done will get done. Looks like you are getting lots of hello's to help with the lonely feelings.

  13. I had a lonely day last week ~ wonder if it was on the same day. I think I'll let my imagination contemplate that and let it "catch" as a truth. It sounds like something to tease out a feeling of warmth and magic. *karendianne.

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