Friday, August 7

All Finished!!.........

All finished!......
After a light early morning shower yesterday...the weather cleared up to a beautiful sunny day, and work on Ds's place was able to be completed....I was so happy!

Here are the guys cleaning was a long tiring day. I think knowing it was nearly done made us more anxious...watching the weather, hoping it would stay fine....and it did!
Above is the big gabled patio...looks great, the young man did a great job.

Here is the finished carport attached to the patio and side of the garage...all this needs now is the brick paved floor. With water restrictions likely to be in place over summer due to the less than average rain fall for the year so far ...DS has decided to put in a rain water tank in the far corner to take the rain water coming off the carport roof...a great idea I think, seems a shame to waste all that water if it can be stored for garden use etc...
As tiring as it was starting to was all worth it, just to see DS's happy face when he got home from work to see it all finished! ......♥

I took this old UFO along to work on yesterday...didn't really get too much done on it, but it is looking pretty, I added the silk ribbon Wisteria trailing down off the trellis. I love Wisteria, I wish I could grow it in my garden..

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last warms my heart to know you are all out there, popping by from time to time...I truly appreciate and treasure my blogging friends and the comments you leave..

Well I need to catch up a bit at home now...the dust bunnies are starting to take over!

Have a love day....take care...♥


  1. I'm glad the work is done and turned out so well. I love your little floral piece you showed here. You do excellent stitchery!

  2. Julia, I have a rain barrel and honestly if I did not have community restrictions I would have 2 or 3. So encourage them to get more than one. They are well worth the $$.
    I like your embroidery panel. I wish I could get the hang of embroidery but I guess it is not for me. I will just admire yours.

  3. Please tell Laurie that it looks wonderful. I hope he enjoys it very much. I agree with Vicki W, you are a good mom! I love the Wisteria in your stitchery. We have a lot of that growing wild here in the Spring and it smells so heavenly.

  4. New here! I have been your follower for i guess two weeks now. What embroidery is this - the flowers i mean?


  5. What a fabulous job, I bet you're glad it's all done :o)!!
    Love your embroidery ... Wisteria's gorgeous isn't it?!! We can't grow it here either, but I'd just love to ;o).
    Joy :o)

  6. Your stitchery is absolutely lovely! The wisteria and roses are gorgeous!

  7. The patio and carport look great! What a lovely area for an extra outdoor room. They owe you a nice meal out for sure!
    Hugs - Shari

  8. I do hope your son appreciates how lucky he is. Nice looking UFO there. You have been making good use of your time.

  9. And her children rise up and call her "blessed"...that's what I think of when I see the love you pour into your family, Julia.
    Your embroidery ALWAYS leaves me breathless...just divine.

  10. I go to your blog to put a smile on my face, to marvel at your delicate embroidery, to enjoy the stories you share re: your family and friends, and to be inspired by your quilting projects.
    There's a refined, elegant, artistic feeling to your blog, Julia, and it's always a joy to read what you're doing or thinking.
    Hugs across the miles.

  11. HI Iulia i am happy for you is nice....

  12. Gosh Julia, your silk ribbon work is so neat to see like this ~ in "being created" mode. I'd like to learn to do THAT someday. :)

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