Monday, July 6

Something New...and WIP's

Naughty me has started a new project....I know I shouldn't but I just feel like doing something new and know the feeling!
I fell in love with Barb's Dresden Plate quilt that I posted about last week, just can't stop thinking about it.... but I want to make a Doona coverlet more so than a quilt, for our feather doona. Where I can put the doona in it and take it out for laundering the coverlet when it needs it.
I have chosen rose fabrics for a soft look and to be in keeping with the decor in our bedroom.
I'll make up the plates first and then decide on a suitable background...hmm, looking at that brown one there, it doesn't seem to really fit in too well !

Now below are my WIP"s....really wouldn't take too much to finish off a couple of these, perhaps I could fit in a bit of work on them now and again...

1930's Apple Core, coming along nicely, doing a couple of rows as the mood takes me...

DJ, onto the last section..8 blocks left to do for this section, then I will hand-quilt it...

Repro Tumbler quilt...this would take no time to finish piecing on the machine, just need to make the effort to do it!
Zig-Zag quilt...made up of left over blocks from another quilt...must put some thought on what to do next on this...
My Caramel & Cream Cake excuses, I have the Aqua/ Teal border fabric to finish it off now...just need the enthusiasm to finish it...
Oh, and then there's that other quilt that had so much discussion about, whether to add a hexagon border or not...that's gone in the cupboard for now...
A quick Monday clean up around the appointment to keep, then perhaps a bit more work on one of these.
Have a lovely day..take care..♥


  1. Hi Julia, I've never seen so many awesome projects. I love the prints you have chosen for the Dresden Plate. Hope you have a very nice week!

  2. Your have some lovely fabrics selected for the Dresden Plates. I saw a red, white & blue one on Temeculah Quilts and would love to make one like that.
    Your UFO projects all look very promising. Especially the Caramel & Cream Cake quilt. The name makes it sound good enough to eat!

  3. Love the Caramel and Cream cake. Julia you just have to finsh it those teal borders sound like the Icing on the Cake so to speak.
    Your Roses Quilt is going to look lovely too

  4. Love them all ... beautiful colors! TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Hi Julia!
    I just loved looking at your projects. So many wonderful fabrics and you do such nice work!
    I am finally finishing the binding on my Jo Morton I started a couple of months ago. With summers being so short here, I have been outside a LOT. Then this past week at the hospital with my dad.
    Blessings to you!

  6. You have SO many lovely quilts that are almost there....your work is wonderful, Julia! I did have to "google" the word doona...and see that is means the same as the word duvet that we use here. (I love how with blogging I learn things from gals all over the world!)

  7. OMG - I feel so inspired looking at all of your fabulous WIP's. Also love the Dresden's - I adore Rose fabric's and have just bought a FQ pack of Robyn Pandolph's to make a similar quilt.

  8. All of your wonderful projects are an inspiration to me to get myself going and not to worry about having several projects going. Lovely, lovely work, Julia.

  9. Hi Julia, love all your WIP's, I am not the only one......LOL....Caramel and Cream Cake is a treat...hugs lyn

  10. Lovely fabric for the new quilt...good to see your WIPs as well

  11. beautiful wip
    yes finish one or two it will make you happy!
    would be hard for me to chose though!

  12. so many different things to work on is great cause you can choose to do whatever you want.......

  13. I love the fabrics you've chosen for the Dresden plate-so very romantic!

    I'm totally awed at all the different projects you have going at once...I can't do that, it makes me nervous! :)

  14. I loved seeing all your tops! The new fabric you are using for the dresden plate is lovely. I love to have several things on the go- dont get bored!

  15. Love your Dresden's they are so have some Lovely wip's there too...know the feeling about starting something New...I think it's in Our

  16. The fabric for the dresden plate are so pretty, so romantic, grin. Hope you will keep us updated on it's progress.

  17. Julia beautiful, beautiful quilts.
    On my to do list is a tumbler and apple core.
    you are very talented

  18. I'm impressed so many wonderful quilts. You're very close to finishing them all.

  19. I love the Dresden plate project...lovely fabrics!

  20. Your projects are looking good Julia! Love the look of this new one! 8-)

  21. Your progress sounds like mine....but lately, I have been working on 4 of my UFO's and they are coming along nicely. A border here, a block there, some applique over there ....

    A piece at a time to your UFO's and before you know it, a top or two or three will be done.

    I do like your doona top idea.

  22. Wow that is some really gorgeous stuff. can't wait to see the dresden plate finished....I don't see too many of those any more.

  23. I'm slowly catching up on my friends blogs. Good stuff here Julia. Of course my favorite is the apple core. Nedra's buttons are a delight.


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