Sunday, July 12

C&CC Quilt top finished..

Caramel and Cream quilt top is finished....only took a good days work on was just a matter of getting started and in no time it was done!

I'm really happy with how it turned out...I think the Aqua / Teal borders really finished it off nicely. Now to load it on my new frame and quilt it......I'm feeling a little nervous about that, but I have to make a start somewhere....or perhaps I should practice a bit more!

Two Dresden Plates done...these are great to do in the evening.
I have placed them on the same cream Fusion fabric that I used in the quilt above....I have about 3 metres of that fabric left and thought if they go well on that I would use that instead of buying more a few $$'s

Do you like Harry Potter?....I never thought I would get into them, but we have been watching the Harry Potter series on TV. I usually fall asleep watching TV in the evening, but HP is so action packed I've managed to stay awake, and so these have been great to do in between eyes popping up and down from the TV trying to keep up with HP.
My goodness.... that JK Rowling had some imagination to come up with these stories!
Now what else will I try to finish off...DJ !
We are expecting a lovely sunny day...hope yours is a good one....♥


  1. Beautiful quilt, Julia! I am anxious to hear how your quilting went on your frame!

    The fabric in those Dresdens is gorgeous! They are just beautiful!!

  2. Julia, thats lovely with the blue teal for the border and I like your Dresden Plates blocks too. Have a nice Sunday Julia - Hugs Nat...♥

  3. The teal looks lovely Julia, good luck with the quilting. I think you just have to take it slowly and enjoy doing it.
    Big hugs, lizzie

  4. Your carmel and cream quilt is stunning! I love it! And the Dresdens of course are gorgeous!

  5. Just dive in. Seeing your practices, I know it will go well. Teal was a nice choice and I the Dresdens are winners.

  6. your quilt is looking beautiful and I am really liking those dresdan plates.........

  7. Love it Julia!! That teal is just perfect for the borders :o). Can't wait to see it quilted ... have fun doing that :o)!!
    By the way, your dresden plates are sooo pretty!
    Joy :o)

  8. Julia I love how your quilt turned out. That teal fabric is just perfect in the border. What a lovely treasure you have created. Best wishes with your new frame. So glad you are due some sunshine. Enjoy!

  9. Lovely projects, as always, Julia. The Harry Potter movies on TV are fun to watch. Our children grew up before the HP books became popular, so I only know the characters through TV.
    I've seen a blog showing impressive paper pieced blocks of HP items. The lady had found free patterns online: the sorting hat, Harry's owl, the golden snitch, etc. Her workmanship was gorgeous.

  10. Your Caramel and Cream top is wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing it quilted on your new frame. I'm sure that it will be beautiful. I think that your dresden plates look very nice on the fusion fabric.

  11. I just love that final teal border. It finishes off the quilt nicely. Love the Roses in your plates.
    I cannot wait to take the family to see Harry this week. Good sharing time

  12. Beautiful top. From what I've seen of your practice already on your new frame, I'd say you are ready to undertake a nice quilt like that one!

  13. Caramel & Cream is certainly a good name for this quilt. Was this a kit or a selection of fabrics that you chose?

  14. Hope you had a lovely day quilting!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  15. Your caramel and cream quilt is as yummy as it sounds! Your dresden plates do look great on that cream fabric--yea! for saving a bit of money. I've seen dresden plates on several blogs. One of these days I should give it a go.

  16. Oh Julia, you delight me with such beauty this morning. I hope you recall how much I've loved " Caramel and Cream" so to see it this morning is just - well - sensational! And your Dresden Plates are completely, absolutely 100% beautiful. These are really something to shout about!

  17. Hi Julia.. this is very very nice.. i love it.. too much...

  18. Hi Julia, It turned out just lovely. It is almost my favorite, Grandma's Garden is my favorite. You do beautiful work.
    I like Harry Potter too, and yes what an imagination! :)

  19. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love your color scheme!

  20. Hi Julia, your CC quilt has turned out have to make a start sometime....good the dresden plate colours...hugs lyn

  21. That quilt is just gorgeous. Love the border colour.
    Dresden plates are very pretty also.


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