Saturday, June 6

Stash Shopping...more to come!

Well one parcel arrived yesterday, not the one I was hoping for ,but lovely to receive these 1930's fabrics all the same.
Just can't get enough of these '30's fabric, these will go into my Apple Core quilt...I need lots of variety for the quilt.
They are only a fat 1/16th of a metre, just big enough for four apple cores from each piece...bought on Ebay for just 60cents -$1 a piece..

I bought the above book some time ago..gorgeous 1930's repro quilts and decor items. I just love that Parasol Ladies quilt, I also want to do a '30's Dresden Plate quilt....but at the moment Jane is calling me to get finished!
Weekend again... hope you have a good one...♥


  1. These are pretty fabrics. Good bargain. Will look good in your apple core quilt...

    Hugz - Shari

  2. i so love your 1930s fabrics! i have been wanting to start purchasing some for a while now, but just can't bring myself to since i have so many projects ahead of me...well, i'm fabric shopping next friday so i may just have to start my stash .. i'll just tell my husband Julia made me do it! have a great weekend!

  3. Your '30's fabrics and the books you share always look so good! That parasol girl quilt is so sweet. It just looks like you. Don't you have china with a similar pattern?

  4. It is always nice to collect a few more fabrics - all looks very you! Hope the quilt isn't as much work as Jane!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. What fun you will have making that quilt. Pretty fabric and a great price.

  6. I don't have 30's fabrics any more but I am sure in the mood to purchase some. Yours look yummy!

  7. I love thirties too, I wish I could see the parasol ladies a bit better, interesting quilt to do, it would be lovely. Happy Queen's birthday weekend!

  8. I love the thirties fabrics too and have tons of them! I guess it's because my grandmother made lots of quilts with the real thing and we still have some of them today. The one I have in my possession is a bit tattered but precious just the same!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I never used to like 30's fabrics, but more and more these days I am drawn to them. You have such a lovely pile of them, Julia!

  10. Your fabrics looks great. Good bargain, indeed.
    Oh, I wish I could see those Parasol Ladies more clearly!!!
    Enjoy your goodies, looking forward to see your new creations:))

  11. I love the 30's repro fabric's. Those are just beautiful, the quilt is going to be awesome.


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