Monday, June 1

More of Jane...

More of Jane...sorry if all of these DJ quilt blocks are going to get boring, but I'm on a mission to get it to keep going while the going is good and I feel like doing them..
Just now all I can think of is getting DJ finished...I'm living, dreaming DJ and what's to do on it next...

Section number five is finished and quilted, I am now working on quilting the centre medallion block.
That's five sections completed with a total of 80 blocks together and quilted, with another 10 blocks ready to be put together...slowly getting there!

At times I wonder why I ever started this quilt, but I know when I put that last stitch on it ...I will look back on it and think it as a great challenge and a great achievement accomplished...A quilt I hope my family will look back on and cherish all the work and time that went into making it....

Where is the promised rain... nothing much so far, we badly need some rain.
Today I would love nothing more than to put on an old movie like 'Rebecca' or 'East of Eden' with the gorgeous James Dean...sit and hand-quilt my DJ with the gentle sound of rain outside..

In Friendship, until next time....♥


  1. The DJ is going to be so pretty and I'm sure it will always be treasured by your family. I wish you could get the rain and enjoy your movie and stitching! I hope you will have a very nice week Julia.

  2. Your blocks are beautiful! Sometimes I get a little sad when I DO finish something that I have been working on for so long!

  3. It's coming along so nicely! Yes, it will be quite an heirloom. I admire you for sticking with it and even having attempted such a quilt!
    It truly is wonderful!!

  4. Achievement is almost there Julia. DJ blocks are looking lovely and I am sure your family will treasure it. You are giving other people some hope of making one too.

  5. This will be a major accomplishment to get it done...not many people attempt this (OR they start it and never finish). Good for you for plugging away at it. I'm not bored at all by seeing your progress on it...and I'm sure all your other followers agree!

  6. hi Julia
    keep up with the good work. I listen to talking books while i do Nearly Insane :-)
    Just love all those fabrics. You have me thinking that maybe I should do QAYG Takes the overwhelming thought of now for all that quilting. Trouble is I have not decided on a sashing yet. Just love all those fabrics. I recognise many.
    Keep up the great work. Just love to see your progress :-))
    No Rain here either. It is trying though. We have a long weekend next weekend. It will rain then for sure. Not that I mind.

  7. Sometimes it hard to keep the momentum going but you will be so proud when you finally finish and can say "a job well done"

  8. I imagine many makers of DJ quilts feel the same as you about why they ever started. It is worth the whole process from those I have seen finished.
    Here it is Monday where you are at and still Sunday here. Seems strange. I just have to remember that you are a long ways off from me.

  9. Do as your heart dictates! It will certainly be a great achievement!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. Boring? Huh! I think NOT, Julia. Sharing this journey with us is a real treat. It will be a treasure that will be cared for and passed down through many generations. Consider that. I do. That's why I like hanging around for the creation of it.


  11. My Gosh Julia, if I could, I would send you some of our seemingly, neverending rain! It never rains here these days~ it pours!
    However a lot of it is not gentle, it just buckets down then clears for awhile.
    Your DJ is coming along very well, & just keep posting, if it keeps you motivated!

  12. Hello Julia, I will never become tired of Dear Jane....look forward to seeing your progress.....I have made eighty blocks and have come to a standstill.....hugs lyn

  13. So proud that you are progressing so! What an accomplishment it will be!

  14. I really love seeing the dear janes since mine was such a bomb. Your work is fabulous. I have a new appreciation for very precise quilting/block making.

  15. Hello Julie,

    I just found your lovely blog. Your work is beautiful. I just found the DJ quilt. Wow. I just found a book on it and have order it. One day I will make it. Can you give me any help with this quilt. What works well when making it. Thanks.. Sandy


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