Sunday, June 21

A Little More of Jane...

A little bit more of Jane...
Well, I've had a little break from Jane and thought that if I don't get back to her soon, she'll end up back in the cupboard...that would not be good!
I have managed to do a little more ...fitting in a little here and there, a block or two when I'm in the mood.
This is section # 7 quilted and section # 8 is coming along slowly, just four more blocks before basting and hand-quilting it.....Oh, it will be so lovely to have Jane finished...sorry if I keep on about that, but I'm really struggling now to get the last few blocks done. Now I can fully appreciate why so many give up on her.

This little quotation from a dear friend came with an email this morning..I thought it was just lovely and how I'm feeling just now...
" Nothing would be done if we waited until it could be done perfectly.
Therefore, strive for excellence not perfection, finished is better than perfect."

Plodding along...until next time...♥


  1. It's very pretty Julia and I like that quote very much. I wish you and your family a very happy day!

  2. I truly believe that we, as humans, rarely obtain what we believe is perfection (and, actually, I think, as humans we CANNOT obtain perfection) I agree that finished is better than perfect and we should just do the best we can along the way!

  3. Oh you should be so proud of yourself and you will be thrilled when it is done, a treasure to have forever is beautiful.

  4. Hi Julia! LOVE the quote ... it is SOOO true! Your quilt is beautiful and i can't wait to see it completed! Take Care!

  5. Hi Julia... I too love the quote... Your Jane is looking wonderful...hang in will be worth it.
    Keep up the ever inspiring effort.
    Robyn xx

  6. You actually seem to be getting quite a lot done on the quilt. Love the saying.

  7. HI Julia... i looking Few time you sewing ,,is very very nice.. i am sorry this moment i don't have too much time for computers...
    Big hugs

  8. Hi Julia, I love that quote. I'll have to remember that in future. Your "jane" is looking great. Hugs, Jeanette

  9. I enjoy reading about your steadfast committment to complete Jane. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. This is what "separates the women from the girls." And some things are worth the struggle. Some things are a serious test of endurance. And to focus on the end is simply the act of the imagination conspiring with you to endure.

    Worthy of Respect You Are! Lucky us to be here to share alongside.

  10. It seems you are pacing yourself nicely. The results are very pleasing. DON'T GIVE UP! Love the quote.

  11. You've come way to far to stop now! It looks so lovely.

    I once read somewhere that a woman quilted while talking on the phone and that was how she got her quilts finished! Can you sew Jane blocks while chatting? :)

  12. I admire your tenacity on Jane. I quilt after one block. I just had so much going on at the time. I planned to go back to it but never have.

  13. I love the quote, I will have to keep that in my clever quote book! DJ is coming along beautifully


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