Wednesday, June 3

Happy No Birthday!

Not alot happening here, as I am still working on my DJ quilt, but
today it was time out for a bit of fun with my Embroidery Girlfriends.. ...these photos are for the girls!
Now if only I can get the pics to stay where I want them!

We had a "No Birthday Party" for us all...sounds crazy, but here's how it went....because our birthdays are spread out over the year, some just before Christmas, some during school holidays etc...we find it hard to keep track of our birthdays...either forget to check our diaries or are away on holidays, you know how time just seems to get away from you, before you know it the year is over!
Margaret suggested we all celebrate our birthdays on the same day, we agreed to celebrate them in the middle of the year , the first week in June... and we were to wear a hat, which I forgot to do!
We all had a girl's name to buy a small gift for....we are to only buy one gift and in return we would all get a gift back.
We were invited to Janet's lovely is her dining room.
The shadow of the tree is actually painted on the wall by her DD from the reflection of the tree ornament itself...

Here is Janet, out hostess for the morning..
She received a lovely mirror compact and covered address book from Golda.

Here we have Melanie and Golda...Melanie wearing a funny hat!

Melanie with her gift from Jeannie of a beaded book marker

That's me with my gift of a Mermaid ornament from Pam...

Golda opening my gift to her of Lavender hand lotion, Lavender soap and Lavender filled sachet

Jeannie with a Pincushion Stool for her brooches that she loves and wears all the time..from Melanie
Pam looking on ..

Pam with pottery bowl from Sandra

Margaret with slipper from Janet..

Sandra with a beaded frog ornament from Margaret...

Phew...What a great morning we had, some cake, a little drink of bubbly...and we sang Happy No Birthday to us all..

Our combined ages tally up to 508 years...
No, this birthday does not add another year to our ages!!

In fun and friendship..♥


  1. Wow, 508 - scary! Glad you had so much fun!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. That's such a great idea!! Looks like you all had a great time :o).
    Joy :o)

  3. oh...that was so sweet to read....It's a great idea to celebrate a day....

    I'm glad that you all had great time

  4. Now, that is a fun way to celebrate birthdays!! Happy unBirthday to all of you!XX

  5. You girls were having so much fun and all the gifts for each other. What fun!

  6. Hi Julia, That's a great way to celebrate no birthdays! Looks like so much fun and what unique and lovely gifts everyone received. Hoping you have a great day.

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun! A very merry un-birthday to you!

  8. Sounds like alot of fun! Happy No Birthday to you all :)

  9. How nice to gather with good friends...birthdays or not!

  10. What a neat idea and it sound like a lot of fun to have all your friends around. Happy Birthday or Happy No Birthday to you and your friends.

  11. What a great way to celebrate birthdays among friends! Everyone received wonderful gifts and it sounds like you had a great time.

  12. That would be a good idea for my sewing group. I forget most of the birthdays throughout the year. I will have to suggest it.

  13. Julia, this is an excellent idea. Please let me borrow it. My group also has trouble remembering birthdays. You are a genius!

  14. What a wonderful way to celebrate friends and their birthdays! Great idea and thank you for sharing it!

  15. Oh what a special day and what a great idea! I love all the goodies you girls got, how fun!

  16. What a fun idea! Happy "no" birthday!

  17. Looks like a good time Julia!
    Happy No Birthday to all! 8-)

  18. What a great idea Julia! It looks like you all had a blast!


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