Monday, April 20

Very Old Patterns...

Julie of Provincial Patch is collecting old sewing items and I thought she would be interested in this post...
I have had these oh, must be over 40 years now...they were loaned to me to make up some clothes for a friend and her daughter, and somehow they just stayed with me over the years.

The styles are very classic, beautiful cutting and darting that shapes the garments beautifully.
I even made some up for myself and the kids when they were little...way back then.

There are pages and pages of these designs...a bit fiddly to work out, but once you do it gets easier each time to draw up a full pattern.
You just line up your size printed on the little ruler to the x mark on each pattern piece and rotate the ruler around on all the dot points to draw in the pattern...
You make be able to click on the pic for a more detailed look.

I tried Googling the name but nothing came up.
There's no year to date these patterns, but they are Aussie and were printed in NSW.
Ok, now I really must get off this computer and do some work....♥


  1. Oh I love this post, those clothes could be worn today, very classic!

  2. Wow Julia. Love the patterns What an easy way to draft them up - once you were used to the method that is. Thank you for posting the photos of them.

  3. Fabulous patterns Julia, thanks for showing them. I'm intrigued with the pattern drafting, never seen that before. It does look a little fiddly though.

  4. Wonderful patterns. I was thrilled to see them all!

  5. They are back again Julia. My daughter loves them - Natima

  6. Julia...I found the patterns so interesting and Nat says they are
    Loved your Easter post and all that scrumptious food...can't wait for Joe's book, Dzintra

  7. These look just like the Lutteloh ? system. thats not how it's spelt I'm sure, I'll check my book tomorrow, they where selling this system at the last craft fair I went to, about 3 years ago.


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