Sunday, April 5

Under My Machine...

This is what's under my machine at the moment...
Apple core quilt finished....tumbler quilt, just a few more rows to add...and under my machine ready to be quilted is the Strip-O-Hoy quilt that I pieced last year...

I'm making a really concentrated effort to get a few things finished, and at the same time try and use up some more of my for the next few weeks, I'm only going to use fabric from my stash.
I bought this gorgeous Moda Layer Cake from Lynnie...I already had that beautiful piece of fabric with birds on it...doesn't it match perfectly with the layer cake...
Below is the quilt pattern I bought on Ebay...that's still to arrive for the layer cake quilt!
Simple, the fabrics will be the focus...

Phew!...this is much to did I ever have time to raise a family and work full time...
Life's good.... good friends, great family..doesn't get any better..I wouldn't have it any other way!

Glorious sunny Sunday today...have a great day....♥


  1. I want to muster up the guts to quilt a large piece on my machine. I am always amazed at what you are up to!!! You always inspire me so.

  2. Wow, Julia, and I thought I was busy making sewing progress!
    Love the quilts and fabrics.

  3. Julia I covet your machine! Is that ok? :) Your fabrics are stunning, so are the quilts. Love it!


  5. Julia! So nice to see this post! You are busy. I am trying to make an effort to use up my fabric stash too (I have a lot of fabric).

    I'm off to Florida for the week, but when I get back home I need to finish one project to get started on another!

    Have a beautiful week! Blessings!

  6. You know I love all those scrappy quilts your making. The apple core and now this Strip-O-Hoy, it's all so pretty.
    You have a good eye blending fabrics and the bird fabrics are very pretty. My mom would love that combination since she likes bird watching.

  7. wow...Julia, i admire your energy and creativity....beautiful fabric choices

  8. Julia, what's a lovely quilt. It will be stunning when it quilted. You are sure keeping busy! Natima

  9. love the quilt your quilting and your bird fabric is beautiful
    perfect fabrics to go along with it
    I need to by some of these too!

  10. Julia, you are a very busy quilter. So many quilts and I love this scrappy one too. Have fun with the quilting.

  11. Wow! you've been busy! The apple core quilt almost finished up (love the outline quilting), another quilt all basted and ready to machine quilt and a new project ready to start...I'm impressed! :)

    I finished machine quilting a quilt and all I've done is clean up my sewing room!

  12. Great fabrics Julia! It will make a lovely quilt!

    You are sure on a roll! Wow! 8-)


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