Sunday, April 12

This and That at Easter...

That's it!....I'm getting withdrawal symptoms now, I need to blog!

Just popping on here for a few minutes, we are having a busy but lovely Easter... we were hoping to get away for a few days, but that didn't happen.
DS#2 is moving down closer to us and yesterday we helped him move some of his stuff down to the new his old home is a two hour drive away that was no mean feat...then we enjoyed a lovely meal with family at our local looks like being much the same!
Next week is Greek Easter, as DIL and my grand children are Greek orthodox we shall have another Easter next week....more chocolate, will have to make sure the Easter bunny knows where to find us!.....♥

I though I would share with you this beautiful cream on cream CQ, SRE wall hanging I did awhile's one of my favourites, below are close ups of two of the blocks.

Below here is all I've had time to do during the last few's been lovely to be able to do sit, relax and stitch a few apple cores together in the evening. it's amazing how quickly it grows!

Enjoy the rest of your Easter...♥


  1. Your wall hanging is exquisite. So beautiful. You must be pleased.
    I have never had a go at making apple cores. It looks interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it looks when you finish it.
    Have a great day.

  2. Glad to hear from you Julia. I had wondered how your son's move was going. Your dinner together at the tavern sounds wonderful. You always have such beautiful projects to share - you know I spotted the butterfly! The apple core colors are so warm and cozy. I'll tell the Easter bunny where to find you!!! My blog is not working at all today - hopefully it will correct itself as I don't know anything else to try!!!

  3. Hi Julia,
    Happy Easter to you and yours. I love your apple cores. Believe it or not that was my very first quilt project before I really knew what I was doing....LOL....I made for my brother to give him something of home because he was in the hospital so often.
    Take care.

  4. Wow! That quilt is amazing! That is also one of my favorites, Julia. Absolutely beautiful.;D

    Happy Easter!

  5. I can see why it's one of your favourites, Julia! The satin sashing adds such a romantic elegance too!

  6. WOW WOW WOW!! That is the most gorgeous CQ I have ever seen.
    Isn't it nice to have your children near by. I love that I have both my girls within a few miles of me.

  7. Your wall hanging is beautiful! I adore CQ!

  8. Lucky family~ two Easters.
    The Apple cores are looking great, & your SRE is beautiful, as always.

  9. Oh you're making it, the 30's Apple Core. Yeah! I am also amazed by the CQ work. That's simply beautiful. wow.

    Happy Easter, *karendianne.

  10. What a lovely wallhanging! So delicate and vintage looking! Just love it!

    Happy Easters to you and yours!

  11. Happy Easter to you and your family! I love the wall hanging and the apple cores! Those are some great fabrics!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  12. Your projects are always sooooo gorgeous.
    Sounds like it has been a very Easter for you.
    Be sure to keep sitiing and stitchin alittle too...and eat soem chocolate whilst doing so!!!

  13. wow...amazing wall hanging. Happy Easter to you

  14. Hi Julia, I am glad you were having a nice Easter. These apple cores speak to me and I love the close up of the blocks you've shown. Really lovely and artistic.


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