Friday, April 24

Still Auditioning Hex Flowers..

A few more Hex flowers done, and I'm still not sure if this should be the next round for the quilt....
I do think though, that the cream background border will have to be a bit narrower....still too much of that showing, it looks very white here, but it's really a cream.
I'll have another think on this...

Mustn't dilly-dally today....too much to do.
Until next time...have a lovely stitching day...


  1. I absolutely love these fabric choices and colors. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend Julia. Maybe not quite as busy as last weekend!

  2. I am not sure about the round. You dont want to take away from that beautiful center panel.

  3. I would like to see the hexagons in the quilt whether you use them as the next round or later on.

  4. What about a vine in that border winding around the hex flowers? I really like the idea of repeating the hex flowers in that border.

  5. I'm tending to agree with Meggie, Julia. I don't know if making that cream border more narrow would do it. Do you think those flowers are too big? I just find myself looking ONLY at that flower row and not looking at the wonderful inner part of the quilt....and I don't think you should take eyes away from the center part.

  6. Mmm...Vicki W has a great idea there... such gorgeous colours Julia, all very lovely ♥x

  7. I LOVE the hex flowers...but I'm not sure they should come next either...perhaps another border in between?

  8. is my two cents worth...MY opinion only...I love the hex flowers...if you do put them next I would have as little of the cream showing as possible...but see, that is just me...I like things 'busy'....but I like Vicki W's idea about maybe a winding vine too..but only IF you have more of the cream showinglike you show here.
    It sure looks good so far!!!

  9. Hey, Julia - aren't you still auditioning? I'm sure what you have in your mind's eye is hard for others to imagine - just hum to yourself Frank's song, 'I Did It My Way'!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. honestly not crazy about this as the next border
    too much cream coming thru , try a different color background, mabye a soft yellow/pink?
    after the pinwheels are lined up maybe the hex's lined up are bothering me..
    needs to be a softer round try putting the hex's on a stems like flowers on a vine going around the border.
    need to still keep the border small though
    or may this round should be a repeat of the blue /pink/yellow in little blocks, darker again...
    then the hex's
    just mho....
    making medallions are harder than you think!!!
    good luck

  11. Your centre is so beautiful, but the cream border is pretty wide and it keeps drawing my eyes away from the medallion. I love the idea of the winding vine...

  12. Well, I'm certainly no pro, but I do think the hexagons should be in there somewhere! I love them! These colors are very beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Julia!

  13. You are getting lots of feedback here and in the end, you'll do what you love and makes you happy. The hex's look big because they mirror the shape of the flowers in the middle but are bigger in scale. I would keep them for a bigger border though and maybe use each hex in its own block on a yellow background with pink triangles in the corners of each of those blocks. Or instead of yellow, any of the colours from the center. Ideas are good, it'll help you make your mind up.

  14. I love the hex flowers, but you are right, there is too much white fabric shown. Maybe you should keep it for later and then make some applique stems and leaves betweene the flowers too?

  15. You Hex flowers look good Julia. They compliment the flowers in your center quite nicely... I am in agreement of making the background border a bit narrower... 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  16. Love your hexagon flowers regardless of what you choose. What a nice touch.

  17. It will be beautiful what ever you decide! I think it sould be the next row, not this one..something about the scale is off..(in my eye) something more solid between the two rows..
    You of course will make up your mind, but it is fun to look at and think about! :)


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