Wednesday, April 1


While I make a concentrated effort to get a few things sandwiching and quilting a couple of quilt tops that need are a couple of my Silk Ribbon Embroideries...

Sorry about the picture quality of the above pic...this is just beautiful, this was a RR done a few years ago with a group of girls . ....they were all Aussie girls in a group called "Southern Cross Crazies".... I should have put a label on the back!....but I do have this

Above is the little booklet that I made for the girls to fill in with what they did on their block for's lovely to look back now and see the names of the girls that worked on the blocks...we have all moved on to other things, but at least I do have this to remember them by.....♥
This is another of my SRE's...I'm sure the Aussie girls will recognize the flowers..
Sorry about the poor pic quality...but perhaps if you click on the pic you will see it better.

These are our native wildflowers, just naming a few...I think you will be able to pick out the Kangaroo Paw, Bottle Brush, Brown Boronia, which smells wonderful...and the yellow Wattle ...would you believe we even have a wildflower called "The Egg and Bacon" can see more of our flowers here at this link..
Have a lovely day... I'm off to do some more machine quilting...♥


  1. It's lovely Julia, crazy quilt is my favorite quilting. I like the beautiful soft pink on this one. Hope you are having a nice day without Lurline? Natima

  2. Such beautiful treasures Julia. So much fun to see all your pictures.

  3. Hi Julia, The first Silk Ribbon Embridery is just beautiful! I love that little girl and her dog in the one square. The mauve colors look so relaxing:)

  4. Your work is just beautiful Julia, the crazy patch one is simply gorgeous!! I've never tried SRE ... one day perhaps :o).
    Joy :o)

  5. Hi Julia! The cq is just gorgeous! I love the stitching, the colors, everything!
    I'm so excited I just ordered your bag pattern and can't wait to receive it! I'll post a picture when it's finished!

  6. Very beautiful work as usual. So nice to see the embroidery! I have not tried crazy quilting. I should it looks fun.


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