Monday, April 13

Recreating a Quilt....

Way back in 2006...can't believe it's been that long ago!

Our then table of quilters at Guild started undertaking the making of a recipe quilt.
There were ten of us in that group, each one of us wrote down on two separate pieces of paper two quilting "Ingredients"... I may have chosen hearts and flowers...So twenty ingredients we put in all up.
All these "Ingredients" went into a box...No one knew what the others had chosen for their ingredients.Then once a month we drew out two ingredients, and we had to design and put together a quilt bit by bit using these ingredients...
Above is as far as I got with mine....somewhere along the way, it got put away in a cupboard and was forgotten...I think I was not happy with how it was going at the time.
The topiary trees at the sides were just to heavy looking for the I love topiary trees, but on this quilt it was not out with the old and in with the new !
This is what I've been playing with today...
I unpicked the top and bottom pieces and thought I would go with pinwheels around the medallion centre piece and see how they would look.....I've always wanted to make some pinwheels....hmm, not sure!
I'll make a few more and see then...

Funny day today...dull and very cloudy...has been trying hard to rain all day but nothing so far!

That's Easter over for another year....I hope you had a lovely Easter....♥


  1. I like what your doing now so much better!
    maybe the pinwheels need to be a little smaller, if you don't like what your doing after you make a few more and want to do pinwheels I suggest you do them smaller Kathie

  2. It will be interesting to see how this progressess. I like the colours and tones you are working with.
    You might like to check my last post. :)

  3. I love what you are doing with it, especially the colours that you are using.

  4. Repurposing is such a fun thing to do and I too, can not wait to see the progress you make on this.

  5. I love the pinwheels - adds so much cheerfulness.

  6. This is really neat and it looks like this is coming along nicely. You are such a clever person!

  7. I love the center medallion...just a thought-maybe go with lights but not white in the next border-leaving the white for the center only -kind of highlighting it!


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