Monday, April 20

Easter Family Gathering.....long!

Yesterday we spent a lovely day with son Joe-Da-Chef and family to celebrate my DDIL Angie's Orthodox Easter....such a precious time to relax with family.

Angie was brought up with strong family traditions which she is upholding and passing on to the younger family members. They started off by going to midnight mass on Saturday night, then the family all go over to YaYa's (Grandma's) place to have soup and the traditional cheese, feta and spinach pie they call 'Pitta'...
Ya Ya's hands are not able to roll out the homemade paper thin pastry anymore, so our DGS Paul (Joe's son) goes over there and rolls out the pastry for her...isn't that lovely, no he's not going to be a chef like his father, Paul is a 6'2" apprentice mechanic.
I just don't know how Joe does it, he makes it look so easy to cook for so many...
Joe fired up the wood pizza oven at 5.45am and cooked the whole lot in that!

Above are some dishes from his blog...We started off with platters of antipastos, with homemade garlic and herb foccacia.
I'm not very fond of pork, but Joe's Rolled Pork roast (on blog) was so good, the seasoning in between the rolled pork was what made it so good.... as was the roast lamb, roast potatoes, meatballs in sauce, chili mussels, the risotto balls (on blog)...the salads below...are you hungry yet!!

All that and then there was desserts...we had the pecan and caramel pizza with ice cream, and the little traditional Greek biscuits that the girls make...
Here is our DGD Alexia with her boyfriend cracking the traditional red dyed, hard boiled eggs....I'm not sure what this stands for, but someone said, this symbolizes a new beginning...

and here is Joe's recipe book that is in the making...a long way off finished, but I'm sure it will be just beautiful.....♥
Just as a point of interest...I was told, Orthodox Easter is celebrated with ours every fourth year..
This year it was the first week after ours, next year it will be the second week after ours, then the third week after ours, and then the fourth year with ours...
Must go and check out my blog much to catch up on!
I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours was.....♥


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with family and the food looks delicious. Your DGD is lovely. Hope you have a nice week.

  2. Looks like you all had quite the feast! Isn't it wonderful spending time with those you love?!
    Yes, I agree that your daughter is just lovely!

  3. Wow, bet you tummy was full after all those goodies - sounds wonderful!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. What WONDERFUL food you had. I love that your grandson goes over to help his grandmother, too. Thanks for sharing this fun time (and great food) with us. The only thing better would be to have a TASTE of the food instead of just seeing it i pictures. :)

  5. Julia, thanks for sharing. Yummie looking food. I have visited your son's blog a few times. He took after you Julia, very talented chef! Ya ya I am a yayah too(in Thai). Natima

  6. What a wonderful menu, and I'll bet that the food was perfect. I'm sure your son's book will be wonderful, I hope that it's available in the U.S., too.

  7. looks lovely! Congratulations Julia you must be very proud of your family!


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