Saturday, April 25

ANZAC DAY....Lest we forget


This day of days again we keep
In memory of those who sleep
Away beyond the quiet sea.....Away in far Gallipolli.
'Tis Anzac Day - 'tis Anzac Day..
Our soldier comrades far away,
They died in war - that we in peace
May live and love that war may cease".

Pansies for thoughts.


  1. I just came from Shari's post. Both have brought a tear to my eyes.

  2. Me, too, Julia - I have just visited Shari! Isn't this a day tinged with sadness - I think of all our beautiful young people who are still fighting in wars!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. What nice words to honor those who have given their all that the rest of us might be free. My dream is to see peace in my lifetime....but it is looking increasingly unlikely. *sigh*

  4. A lovely tribute for the day.
    beautifully said

  5. That is so beautiful Julia. I am glad we are Australia bloggers posting about ANZAC day.

  6. Ditto to the above comments. I also put a tribute on my blog, and it is very heartwarming to see so many other bloggers in the stitching world doing the same thing.


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