Wednesday, April 8

Another Apple Core and Gathering....

We had another wonderful "Girlfriends Gathering' at Carole's yesterday...

I tell you, these girls are the much fun, we can talk about anything and we do!
I forgot my camera, but I think Lurline may have taken some nice snaps....Carole showed us a beautiful quilt she is hand-quilting for someone...I'm sure Lurline took a pic of it, check her blog later.

I started another apple core...well I needed some hand sewing to do, so I sat and cut out my apple cores while we talked.....all out of my stash I must add, this time I'm going to put it together in 1930's repro fabrics.

I have a morning tea to attend to this morning with my SRE friends, so I better be off and get ready..
Have a great day....♥


  1. I love your choice of fabrics. They remind me very much of the cotton dresses and aprons grandma wore. Morning tea sounds like a lovely way to start the day. Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter.

  2. Isn't that quilt (the apple core) hard to do because of the seams all being curved? I bought the template for it but now find myself regretting it as I'm thinking it will be too hard with all the curves. *sigh*

  3. Aaah, you make it all look so easy!

  4. These fabrics are rapidly becoming my fabric!!!

    I am looking forward to watching the progress on this one.

    Enjoy your wonderful day.

  5. I admire you doing anoither apple core, I'm loving the 30's fabrics, it's going to look great!

  6. Julia, are you hand piecing the apple core quilt together? It will look great in 30s fabrics - Natima


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