Sunday, March 29

Tumbler Quilt...& mini's

Yippee!!! Daylight saving is finished at last...I don't like it!

We have had it before for a short time, but it was said we didn't have it long enough to get used to this time we have tried it for three years running and now in May we get to vote one way or the other...either way the outcome will be final!...

With the Apple Core quilt ready for sandwiching and quilting, I can now get back onto my Tumbler quilt...
As this quilt is machine pieced, it shouldn't take too long at all to put together...doesn't it feel good to get things done.
At one time, I would only work on one project at a time, til it was finished before moving onto something new...but when doing a long term project that gets a bit boring...yawn!

Thought you might like to see these little mini quilts...the book beside them will give you an idea how little they are..

Off for a walk, a bit of work in the garden and hopefully an afternoon sewing...
In friendship....♥


  1. you always pick out such beautiful the tumbler block top! and aren't mini quilts fun? ☺

  2. What sweet mini quilts. You amaze me with your many talents and you are so quick. I hope you enjoy your walk and the garden and settle in for an evening of sewing. Always fun visiting with you.

  3. The tumbler quilt looks like a nice project to use up those scraps. I'll have to keep that one in mind.

    Good for your country allowing you to vote on daylight savings time. I don't like it either and wish I had a vote on the issue.;(

  4. Good going with your apple core and love the tumbler. I love daylight savings, we haven't finished here yet, we started earlier and are finishing later this year, it suits me!
    Thanks for showing the minis, they're gorgeous.

  5. Your mini quilts are just gorgeous!! Yay for you finishing the apple core quilt, that tumbler quilt looks like a great way to stash-bust!!
    Joy :o)

  6. VOTE NO..........I HATE it and we have another week to is dark when I get the kids up for school.............

  7. I don't like daylight saving either. I wish governments would leave clocks alone and let people decide when they want to get up and go to work, instead of dictating to one and all.

  8. the quilts are lovely! and I too do not like daylight saving!


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