Sunday, March 8

This and That!!..

Do you ever get days when your feeling a bit flat and don't know what you want to do...well, yesterday was one of those days for me...

I must have started half a dozen different things before I settled to doing the above piecing.
I want to clean up my sewing room of all the bits and pieces lying around, I just hate having leftovers!
The above leftovers are from my Berry Crush, the mystery quilt I did with Bonnie .
I also still have quite a few strips left over from that quilt, so if I use up the strips and make up a few more of these block, I just might have enough for a lap quilt...

This is another little project I started...

I thought I would make an eye glasses case. The fabric is a beautiful variegated dusky pink self embroidered velvet.
I added a print of a lady wearing a hat, embellished around her with gold braid, silk ribbon roses, and some crystal beads...I'll just put this project aside for a while, I'll finish off the above quilt first.

There's an annual Crab Festival on in Mandurah this weekend...just a 20 minute drive away.
I think DH and I will take the time to pop down and enjoy this event.
Lots lovely seafood, lots of celebrities, singer Joe Camilleri and The Black Sorrows are performing...seeing we share the same last name, DH says we are related some where along the line...we should pop down and say hi!

Out to enjoy the day...hope your day is a good one...♥


  1. A Wonderful use of Scraps...your top looks Great...Hope you Enjoyed the Seafood Fest...

  2. Julia,
    You make purses like I collect shoes! I can never have too many!

    I'm trying to get caught up on my blog reading so I scrolled down and saw the gorgeous pin cushions you made. You never cease to amaze me. They are wonderful;D

  3. What beautiful projects and the crab festival sounds fun. Share some pictures if you can.

  4. The colours blend together so well in your quilt, it looks as if your muddling day paid off.

  5. I hope you enjoy the Crabfest more than I did. I fell flat on my face ther in front of everyone and didn't even have a drink. Hope to see youon Tuesday.

  6. I know what you mean feeling a bit flat myself and the grey weather over here is not helping.
    DS left this morning to fly back to OZ, his holdiday is already over.


  7. Julia, I have days like that so often including today!!! You did good to ended up with a nice top. I did nothing and hope by the end of tonight I will post something on my blog. Enjoy the Crab Fest - Natima

  8. Your quilt top looks great. Well done. I hope you feel better.

  9. Great scrap quilt-I really like the zig-zag thing going on there!


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