Wednesday, March 4


I made these ceramic ducks in Hobby Ceramics during my duck decorating period..they were all the in thing back then!
I even have a duck dinner setting for four.

Not sure if these would be called Swans, Geese or what.
I cross-stitched these a while back when I was really into ducks, geese, swans....but now my decorating tastes have changed.
I had them on a pair of decorative hoops and displayed together, I do still love them, but they have been put away in the cupboard as they just don't seem to fit in anymore ..
I think it's time they went to another good home where they can be enjoyed..
So I'll say bye to them and move them to my Etsy shop..
Off to see what else is hiding in the cupboards....♥


  1. I remember having cross stitch patterns very similar to these.
    I still love the "country" look in decorating, especially old samplers.

  2. wow...they are fabulous . the stitching looks very pretty

  3. The bottom one I have on a Sweatshirt. It is an old shirt but I still love it! One of my daughters cross stitched it for me as a Christmas gift years ago.:)


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