Saturday, March 28


Saturday here already!!.....

Do you like redwork...I love it, here's a little wall hanging I did a while back...I think if you double click the picture you may be able to read what it says on the true is that..."Quilter's Quandary..nothing but Quilts"...this is hanging in my laundry room.
Here's a little redwork I started last night....just because I wanted something simple and easy to do in a couple of hours.
I think this will end up as a little needle book for someone...
DD Linda is coming today for a it might just be a good time for a little girlie shopping together!!
Have a lovely weekend...stay safe...♥


  1. Hi Julia, I love red work. This piece for your laundry room is precious! I love your new piece also with the birds and picket fence - so sweet! Have fun with DD.

  2. LOL.. Julia that is a lovely strapless quilt creation! :)

  3. I do love redwork, these are cute. I made many small projects for quick gifts too - Natima

  4. Julia I love redwork too. This is a lovely little quilt.

  5. Oh, I have already Posted a comment - don't know where it went - I said 'Sweet Redwork - pleased you have birdies tails like my birdies - the family all think it looks like a fishtail (lol)! No imagination!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Perfect Julia, I love your red work. Have fun girlie shopping, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  7. I love your redwork wall hanging and little sample. Great job on them.

  8. Your red work is beautiful. Have a great day with your daughter.

  9. Darling redwork Julia! You are a quick stitch aren't you! 8-)
    Love your Apple Core quilt. It is on my hand piecing "to do" list!
    Happy stitchings!

  10. I love redwork and I do a lot of it on my embroidery machine.
    Great job!

  11. I love the needlework! How cute is that!

  12. Such cute little works. Is that Bronwen Hayes work?
    I love her little birds- no they don't look like fish tails, do they Lurline! haha.


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