Wednesday, March 18

Quilt Drama...

First off...I would like to wish my dear friend Lurline "A very happy birthday" have caught up to me again!
Love and best wishes for a wonderful day doing whatever your heart desires....♥

Yesterday, Robin (no blog yet), Lurline and I went up to our monthly quilting guild, I took with me my entry forms for my quilts that I would like to enter into our May big quiltwest show.
I submitted my forms only to be told that my Grandma's Garden Quilt and another quilt did not fit the required size measurements....well, rules are rules and of course I had to abide by them....but at first I was most upset as you can imagine!
All the way home in the car Lurline kept saying that she thought my quilt looked the right size to her, and I should measure the quilt again...dear Robin hadn't seen my quilt finished so she couldn't say.
Well as soon as I got in the door, I put the quilt on the floor and remeasured it...what was I thinking the day before when I measured it...I was way out in the measurement, it does meet the required size...I checked and had DH check it for me... it OK!

I had till the end of this month to get the entries in, but no I wanted to pay my fee, get it done and out of the way, seeing we were going up to guild anyway.
Now that'll teach me, to try and do too much in a day...leaving everything till the last minute... being too tired !!...
The other quilt was not suitable...never mind!

My plans for today have been I think DH and I will take off and have a day out up in town .

Hope your day's a good one....♥


  1. Aaaaw, too bad ! This quilt is SO LOVELY ! I'm sure you would have won a prize ;>)
    Wish you a wonderful evening out with your sweetheart !


  2. Oh Julia...Your Quilt is Beautiful..are you still going to Enter still have Time...

  3. Julia, that is the most beautiful grandmother garden quilt I have seen. I hope you can still enter it in the show for more quilters to see.

  4. It's a beautiful quilt. I'm glad you can still enter it.

  5. Thank goodness it meets the criteria, it's a lovely quilt. Is it machine quilted?

  6. I think your grandmother's flower garden quilt is just beautiful. I am planning on starting one soon myself.
    I hope you can still enter it.

  7. Such a lovely quilt Julia. I hope getting out with DH did you a world of good!

  8. Your Grandmother garden quilt gorgeous. Did you hand quilted it? I love the flowers on the white background and the quilting lines. Lovely - Natima

  9. Thank you so much for your love and best wishes, Julia - also for your great pressie - you know, if I put $30 towards it, I can spend $100 - how good is that! Hope you are having a great day in the city!
    Just a little ratification for everyone - some of you feel Julia may not be able to enter her beautiful quilt in the show - YES she can and will - oh, maybe another blue ribbon coming up!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. Good luck! It is a beautiful quilt & deserves an award!
    I know someone that sent a photo of a quilt to a large, prestigious quilt show & entered it in a size specific category. The quilt was accepted & she sent it only to have it rejected because it was 6 inches too long. She said, "I ddidn't think 6 inches was a big deal!" She thought they would accept it anyhow.

  11. wow...the quilt looks fabulous. I'm sure you can enter it for the quilt show and you are going to win .

  12. All the best for your entry in the Quilt Show. You have another winner there. You go girl! I know for a fact that the quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  13. beautiful quilt, it sure would have been their loss if they did not let you show this quilt
    I am so happy that it does fit the size requirements.
    Now can't wait to see another picture of it with a ribbon on it

  14. Julia, I do things like that all the time. Too much on my mind I suppose. I hope you get it entered in the show. It would be a shame not to.

  15. So glad you checked the size again and I wish you luck with your entry.
    Take care

  16. That is such a beautiful quilt...I'm glad the size is right for show-boy would they have missed out!

  17. The quilt is beautiful Julia! Gorgeous! 8-)
    My friend always says, "measure twice, cut once." I guess same could be side in your situation, except for "Measure twice, act on it once." 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  18. Beautiful quilt. Glad you can still enter it in the show.

  19. That is the most beautiful quilt! I just love it! Good job. You sure would have won a Blue Ribbon on that.


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