Sunday, March 22

Olive Hussif Quilted...that's better!

Just a quick post.... That's better...
I machine quilted the outside of the hussif with a bronze embroidery thread, what a difference it made...just compare this pic with the one in my last post. Now to add the binding and finish up the inside of the hussif...
Oh, just have to say that I did it!....I ordered the book that Lurline posted about yesterday..."The Fabric of Society " by Annette Gero and Kim McLean - a wonderful book on Australian Quilts.
I just have to have it after seeing the beautiful pics on Lurline's treat to me!
You can read more about it here....
I don't really have anything much on Australian quilts, and thought this was a great way to have them all together in the one book...can't wait now for it to arrive!
Well, off to enjoy the day, may take a walk down to the beach, and then do some more on the hussif this afternoon.....♥


  1. The hussif is very nice with the quilting Julia. I hope you enjoy your walk and I look forward to seeing this hussif when it is finished. Good for you ordering the beautiful book that Lurline mentioned. I thought it looked like a treasure to have.

  2. What a difference the quilting made ...... it looks gorgeous Julia :o).
    Joy :o)

  3. Oh, Julia - I had a thought yesterday, that I have mentioned to Robin! Why not see who in our Girlfriends! group would like to put in for the book, have it covered at the library, then share it around! I love it, but think it is very expensive to have sitting on the shelf a lot of the time! Just a thought ...
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Wow what a difference that quilting makes Julia. It is really going to be a stunning hussif. Well done.

  5. Another masterpiece Julia!


  6. Your creations are works of art! Beautiful.

  7. You did beautiful quilting on it and it turned out gorgeous.

  8. The quilting really adds to it. I'm glad you have gotten yourself a treat. Sounds like a good book.


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