Saturday, March 21

New Hussifs...

This hussif is finished now....this one has turned out so beautiful.
The photo just doesn't do it justice...the colours are so much richer than they look here!
Here's what the inside looks like, two needle pages, pocket for marker pens, strawberry pincushion, pocket for needle threader and scissor pocket..
The hussif folds up in three sections and has a tie closure on the front
I made this one for someone,...I'm so tempted to keep this one for myself...but no, I can always make another!
I really enjoyed making this one, it's been a while since I've done any SRE...

Here's another hussif that I've started...this time in a soft olive / sage green Dupion silk fabric, with apricot silk ribbon embroidery...not in my usual colours.
Somehow this one looks a bit flat.... I'm going to have to add something to give it a bit of sparkle!
I think I will cross hatch quilt it in a gold thread, I think that will give it a lift....♥
Have you been over to my son Joe-Da-Chef''s recipe food blog lately...he's just added some great recipes to his food and pizza blog.....a Gluten free pasta recipe, and my mouth's watering just reading about the new dessert pizza!
Lots to do today...enjoy your weekend.....until next time..♥


  1. Love the plum hussif, it's gorgeous!!! And I think you're right, gold quilting on the olive one will look superb!! I'd love to try silk ribbon embroidery ....... one day ;o).
    Joy :o)

  2. i love joe's blog! i go there faithfully! plus he's cute! ☺ julia, please tell me what hussif means? whatever it means, it's beautiful!

  3. I love them both, but that apricot trim is especially pretty. You amaze me with the beautiful creations you make. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Your hussif is absolutely beautiful! What lovely work you do.
    I love your son's blog. Can't wait for his book to be published. I'm amassing such a lot of print outs! *grin*

  5. Hi Julia, I have never heard of a hussif before, are they sewing kits? Or are there other things they are used for?
    Beautiful embroidery, I love them both!

  6. Hi Julia,
    I had to look up what a hussif was from your last post. This one is just beautiful and the olive one is such a pretty color. Can't wait to see it finished. I went over to your son's blog and thanked him for the gluten free pasta recipe. Both my dad and sister have celiac disease, which is a wheat and gluten allergy. Looks like a great recipe.

  7. Julia, you are one busy lady!!! I love the Hussif, I only learned of the name Hussif through my student Dennis. I taught everyone in my book making class to make one to keep their needles and threads and he told me what they are called. Thanks Julia and I did visit Joe-Da-Chef's too. You are a good MAMA - Natima

  8. Hi Julia...I'm soooo very impressed...I requested the gluten free pasta recipe and Joe had posted it up in no time!!! Love the Hussif...gorgeous colours...Dzintra

  9. hi!I have just found your blog and I think your works are so beautiful!
    I like so much the hussif you did; because of the colour and your style!Its really wonderfull!
    Im going to follow you!
    Have a good day!


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