Thursday, March 26

Apple Core Quilt...and bag

I think I have just about done enough of my Apple Core quilt for it to be a nice lap size quilt now...

It's been great being able to take this along to our "Girlfriend Gatherings" to work on......hmm perhaps I should correct that... to have on hand to work on when I'm not chatting too much!

I'll just add the apple cores that are already cut out...perhaps another two rows worth, and that should do it......

Have an inportant appoiment today, so better dash and get ready...
Until next time.....♥


  1. Your apple core quilt is so colorful and cozy looking.

  2. I just love your apple core quilt! I have one of those on the agenda! I have always loved them. They just seem old fashioned to me. All your hand made items are just wonderful. You have such talent!
    Have a beautiful evening!

  3. oh julia it is just gorgeous i can give it a lovely home ! love lynnie

  4. If you get sick of the apple core, I could look after it for awhile. It's just wonderful, I admire your patience hand piecing it.

  5. Your apple core quilt is wonderful and so colorful! Great job!

  6. I've really always wanted to make an apple core quilt. It is on my list of quilts to make before I stop making them. haha ;-)

  7. Your apple core is lovely.
    I went to visit the bag, at Pia's & think it is very pretty.
    I was also fascinated by the knitted circular vest? shawl?

  8. Your apple core quilt is lovely.
    I admire you-I hand applique, hand quilt and embroider but I haven't hand pieced since my first two quilts twenty years ago!

  9. I love your apple core quilt!
    I would like to be able to do something like this!

  10. I love tumbler quilts! I really want to make one. I am kind of in a mood to do some simpler pieced quilts. Tumblers, nine patches, etc. I think that you can make some pretty stunning quilts using very simple piecing techniques. Tumblers are the perfect scrappy quilt.

  11. I forgot to ask, is the apple core a hard one to piece? I love the way this looks! Beautiful!!


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