Wednesday, March 25

Another Girlfriends Gathering..

I know, another must seem like this is all we do...but yes, we do all have a life outside our gatherings!!
This time we went up to Prue's lovely home up in our city's Darling Ranges, this is the beautiful view from Prue's back patio overlooking their pool right out to our capitol city of Perth in the far distance...imagine this view at night with the city lights on.
Way back when Neil Armstrong went up into space and walked on the moon.... our city turned all it's lights, it could be seen from outer space and it became known as the "City of Lights"...

Here are the girls chatting away, not paying any attention to me..

This is a quilt Prue is working on for the bushfire appeal...I love the black/ white fabric with the red blocks which just makes the whole quilt stunning!...

Prue told me this quilt was the first one she ever was in a round robin.
Prue started her quilt off with the centre piece, she appliqued a Magpie bird sitting on a gumtree branch, then the quilt did the rounds of the round robin for other girls to work on it....till it came back to her to sandwich and machine quilt.
It's hanging on the wall in her stairway, you can see it in the last pic above...blends in beautifully with the colour of the wall which is so much like the outer border.

This little wall hanging is in Prue's sewing nook...just the perfect quilt for a sewing nook, don't you think?
Well, today is my Wednesday embroidery group's's just the morning, a cup of coffee with the girls, a catch up on goss and news, and then back home to finish off a couple of things....
Hope your day / evening is a good one...♥


  1. I just love following your blog. You have a lot of good friends it seems and it's so nice how you have your gatherings and enjoy doing what you love and each other's company.
    The story about the City of Lights was quite neat. I actually didn't know that!

  2. You ladies always seem to have the best times!

  3. What a lovely home and view for a gathering. So glad you have such a grand group of people to enjoy your hobbies with.

  4. Julia, How often you have your gathering? If you keep this up I might have to move to Perth and join you. What a fantastic view from Prue's house, a nice place for gathering. Love her quilts too - Natima

  5. Sounds as though it's been a good day. Weather looks wonderful!

  6. I'm so glad I made it to Prue's! It was a lovely day, wasn't it? It does sound like we don't do much except get together...

  7. What a lovely place to live. Thanks for the pattern Rose Elegance Bag. Pop over to my place and see my silly bag.

  8. Fabulous. I could feel how much fun it was just looking at the pics.

  9. My what fun you all seem to have, I can't think of a better way to spend the day. I had no idea that was how Perth got the name city of lights, thanks for adding that tidbit. What an amazing view, such a beautiful place to sit and stitch.

  10. Another wonderful day around the table with the ladies, and OH what a view!!! To envy for sure! 8-)
    Love the magpie round robin quilt! Gorgeous! 8-)
    Thanks for sharing/showing the lovelies from Prue's home Julia!
    Happy stitchings!

  11. Wow that view is wonderful! the quilts are good too..but the view from there is something else..I could sit there a long time! :)

  12. Quilting with friends in the light of a gorgeous panoramic view = Perfect! What a wonderful time for all!

    (Also want you to know how much I appreciate your continuing support while my husband is healing from heart surgery! Thank you!)

  13. Sharing time with like minded friends is such a joy. Her view is stunning!! When my brother served a mission for the LDS church, he was in Perth for a while. This was about 30 years ago.


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