Tuesday, February 3

Thank you for your lovely comments..

I would just like to thank everyone on the lovely comments that were left for me on my Grandma's Garden Quilt...

I tried to reply to you all, if I missed anyone, please accept this post as a big heartfelt thank you.
It warms my heart and feels so good to know there are so many wonderful friends out in blogland....we share our sewing, our feelings ....and in fact our lives through this invention we call a computer....it has become an important part of our life....

Thank you....♥


  1. It is a gorgeous quilt!!
    I agree, with you about how much life is enriched with the friends we make through the computer world!

  2. Very nice quilt it is! I, too love my blogging friends. I am so richer by having my new on-line friends.


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