Monday, February 9

Pansies for Thoughts..

Pansies for Thoughts

I'm feeling very sad today.. this post is to take time to reflect and have a thought for those who are going through a terrible time right now.

No doubt everyone is aware of the devastating fires that are ravaging our southern state of Victoria and floods up in Queensland

So many have lost everything, the saddest is the loss of so many lives.
This morning news reports that... The toll from Australia's deadliest natural disaster had reached 108 as at 6am this morning.
At least 750 homes have been destroyed and more than 330,000ha burnt out, while authorities said some fires could take weeks to contain.

Please spare a thought and a prayer for those today.


  1. I'm so sorry Julia, I have watched on t.v. and think of you and all who have been devestated by this. You are all in my prayers,

  2. I have been following the news and have been thinking of my quilting friends in sad the situation.
    My son spent some time last summer out fighting the fires in California. It is such hard work and I pray for the fire fighters' safety.

  3. Julia, I have been praying about his disaster. I'm glad you are okay. This is such a tragedy, I feel bad for everyone.

  4. I feel compassion for the disaster in Australia... just it's difficult to imagine that in the other part of the world it's so hot (we had -20 recently, but now it's +2 Celsium here). We had fires close to Moscow several years ago and I suffered a lot from the smoke, I still remember, it was one of the most difficult years in my life, just after we got married with my husband... one of my schoolmates died from asthma that year.

  5. I am so saddened by everything that is happening in Australia right now. I couldn't believe how many have lost their lives -it is so horrific. Praying for a quick end to these fires.

  6. Good thoughts going to my Australian friends, and hoping that those who are near and dear to you are safe.

  7. so sorry to hear about this. keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers

  8. I was shocked at this news on TV last night. My prayers are with all out your way...

  9. Julia we see it on the TV every day, it is horrible. I always think of al my Aussie friends and their families....take care.

  10. Yes....this is such a devastating
    thing....our prayers are with everyone affected!


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