Thursday, February 12 son

I've no sewing news today, I thought I would do a little profile of my son...Joe-Da-Chef.

He has a great food and recipe blog here and also a great pizza blog here....
there's a couple of new great recipes there now....everyone loves pizza!

The above paper cutting dates way back to April 1985...Joe would haven been 24 then and just finishing off his apprenticeship...

Joe has worked in several top restaurants, food and beverage manager at our big University for many years, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate when he left there to realize his dream of having his own restaurant..
After five very hectic and successful years in his restaurant, he sold it and is now working as venue manager at our domestic airport terminal..

Joe was asked a few years ago about his career in the hospitality business...
How he got started in his is something he has always wanted to be involved with.
His Special Achievements / Awards...
1993..Inaugural Environmental Award for achieving more environmentally sustainable workplaces..
1994 & 1996.. Involved with administration & management of the highly successful Australian Culinary team at the Berlin Culinary Olympics..
1996..Corporate Citizen Award for training opportunities for the disabled..
Done a lot for different charities..has shaved his head to raise money for cancer awareness

Joe was asked..out of the famous (or not so famous) would he like to have dinner with now..he said,
" His first employer, who said he wouldn't go far'...he sure proved him wrong!

Proud Mum...♥


  1. wow, his food blogs are great...especially the pizza one because it has american measurements...i'm afraid i'm not good at grams...maybe i can find a conversion program because there are lots of his other recipes besides pizza i'd like to try! thank you for the links and you should be proud...☺

  2. Nice recipes - but, you should taste the food he cooks - oooh ... yummy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Thanks for telling us about Joe. I can see why you are proud. I love Joe's blogs & eagerly await his new postings.

  4. The churros and meatballs made my mouth water! I'm looking forward to trying those, there are so many other recipes that have caught my attention also! Great blog! You must be very proud of him and his accomplishments!

  5. Hi Julia,
    Such a great story from a proud mum!! His blog is wonderful, everything looks delicious!

  6. I imagine it must satisy him to no end to know he has proved his First boss wrong!
    And you gotta love those recipes.
    I love recipes and Cookbooks I can read them like Novels.

  7. Wow, most impressive. You have every reason to be so proud of him :o). I think I should definitely try his Margherita Pizza (it looks so good!!!) since my middle name is almost the same - it's Marguerite :o).
    Joy :o)

  8. I had posted a comment yesterday but I think it did not save here: anyway, I wanted to say how much I enjoy Joe's blog. I've always loved cookbooks and recipes. I know you are so proud of all his accomplishments. You both are favorites of mine! Happy Valentine's Day.

  9. Are you italian by origin?
    I love italian cuisine, as far as I work as translator from italian, I have many poortunities to try...

  10. Congratulations to Joe!
    Sometimes those negative remarks spur one on to great things!


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