Thursday, February 5

Fabric Therapy...

Just had to share these gorgeous fabrics with you...
These repro fabrics arrived in the mail yesterday from Sew Unique Creations...they are just so gorgeous, I bought 1/2 yard of each.... they were on sale for just $4 and $5 yard...can't get better than that!
I'm not sure if the sale is still on, but pop over and have a look here's the link...

I thought I had enough fabric to back the Civil War Quilt, but I need more than I shopping I went!
Our local Textile Traders fabric shop is having a buy 2 get one free offer...I needed 7 metres, seems a lot but that's being very generous with enough fabric to join up for the back.
So I paid for 4 metres, got 2 metres free, and then got 20% off the last metre because I'm in the patchwork guild...wasn't that great!......BTW, the fabric was $10.99 metre..

Doesn't it feel good to do some shopping now and know the old saying..." all work and no play...."

Better do some ironing today...can't remember the last time I saw the bottom of the ironing basket.
Have a great day...♥


  1. Julia I stood for hours on Sunday night doing the ironing .... and the basket is half full AGAIN!!! He he ... it's neverending ;o)!!
    Joy :o)
    P.S ..... your fabrics are gorgeous!

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  3. Try again. New keyboard & keys are sticking. Gorgeous fabrics Julia. Thanks for the link. Need to find somewhere selling fabrics suitable for a Civil War quilt. I want to make the one from Civil War Diary. Jeanette

  4. What wonderful fabrics! I love the repro look but have too much fabric to buy any more (keep saying that, keep saying that) and I suspect I have a few anyway mixed in with everything else. It's great when TT does those sales! I always get my wadding then.

  5. Such lovely colors in your new bundle of fabric. I agree, shopping occasionally does the heart good! Glad you got such a good deal. Seems like it would be too hot for you to iron. Please take care.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I know what you mean about those fabrics, I have a lot of them, I love that red one! My brother spent 2 years in Perth! Happy Sewing!

  7. It is beautiful fabric. Have a great time using it. Plus what a nice sale at both locations, that makes it a really great buy.

  8. Julia,
    Delicious fabrics! I'm not sure which is better, the prints or the price!! Good for you!


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