Friday, February 6

Embroidered Dilly Bag...

I nearly forgot I had this sweet SRE dilly bag till this morning, when a dear lady called asking about it...she had seen it on my blog way back when!
Gosh, I made this dilly bag back in 2003.... I taught it in my embroidery class that I had going then.
It's a good size bag for holding sewing on the go...I still haven't used it yet, saving it for ,"I don't know what"...♥
Above is one side of the bag and below is the other side...

There is also a little bird house that I couldn't quite get into the photo
It's fully lined in a pretty little floral print, and has a hexagon base with a plastic insert so it doesn't sag when filled with sewing essentials etc..

I really must get off this computer.
Have a great day...♥


  1. oh it is your choices of colors...I think life is too short NOT to use it.

  2. Julia,
    Your embroidery work i so impressive!! Very beautiful!! Could you define 'dilly' bag?

  3. Julia, I adore things like this. The little girl with the bonnet, the picket fence, the arbor; it's all my favorites and you do such lovely work. Thank you for showing these pictures.

  4. wow...that looks beautiful. Pretty hand embroidery

  5. HI julia .. this beg is very vewry nice.. i love it....

    P.S. You work only day many time.....

  6. So sweet & pretty~ just like you!
    I love to see your beautiful work.
    A dear old 80 year old Aunt of mine made a project of yours, from a magazine. She was so thrilled when I told her you were a blog friend!!

  7. This is so sweet and precious. The detail is so fine and beautiful.

  8. This is so sweet! Your embroidery is just wonderful.

  9. Very pretty!
    A hexagon base hey? That is different! I know Lurline has made quite a few Dilly Bags, does her's have Hex bases?
    Happy stitchings! 8-)


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