Wednesday, February 4

Double Wedding Ring Quilt..

I posted this picture of my Double Wedding Ring Quilt on my blog a couple of years ago...
As I haven't got anything else to show you just now, I thought this would be nice.

I thought it was going to be hard to do, but really it was quite easy.The method used here was to sew strips together...wider ones at either sides with narrower ones in the middle...then with a template cut out the shapes of the arched pieces for the block

I made this quilt to commemorate our 40 th wedding anniversary in 2002.

With our anniversary coming up again very soon in April , I thought it was time I brought it out again and gave it an airing. I don't like to leave it on the bed all the time for fear of it getting too soiled, and then how on earth would I get it cleaned!

I'm told it's not a good idea to have it dry cleaned because of the chemicals that would be used, and there's no way it would fit in my you can see it is quite large, it goes right over the pillows.
Have a lovely day...♥


  1. you make the most beautiful things...and your house always looks so gorgeous...☺

  2. Thank you for posting pictures of your beautiful quilt again. I just started my blog the beginning of this year and did not see this before.

  3. It truly is a beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. This pattern was mama's favorite. Your color choices are so pretty. What a fabulous idea to celebrate a special 40th anniv. Look forward to what you come up with for this April's anniversary!

  5. Julia, you make absolutely the most beautiful quilts! So lovely.

  6. Gosh Julia, it's so beautiful!! You're so clever :o)!!!!
    Joy :o)

  7. Julia is very very nice... it would also be well in my room.....


  8. You do make the most beautiful things Julia! It's wonderful!
    A double wedding ring is on my to do wish list for one day.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Robyn xx

  9. That is a beautiful quilt. I would love to do one, one day.

  10. Your DWR Quilt is Lovely Julia and looks right at Home on Your Bed...I have one too and really enjoyed making mine...

  11. Oh my gosh Julia! I can't keep up with you! lol! I have so much to marvel at after taking my blogging break! 8-)
    Your Grandma's Garden is absolutely wonderful! The quilting is lovely!
    You did a wonderful job of your Double Wedding Ring quilt! It is a lovely 40th anniversary gift to yourselves... 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  12. Hi Julia,

    Just found this beautiful double wedding ring quilt of yours and it inspires me to make one for myself. It is one of the many quilts that I have not make yet..... so many more to explore.


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