Tuesday, February 24

Ceramic Fruit Stack...wonky stars!

This is for Mildred...waving to you Mildred.
This ceramic fruit stack my Mother bought me as house warming present when we built and moved into out first home in 1965...a few years after DH and I were married.
Dust gets into all the little places in between the grapes and other fruit.
It's quite heavy so I'm always so scared when I wash it in case I drop it or chip the leaves.
Thank you for posting about the amazing Invisible Cleaner, I shall see it I can get some here..

Off out fabric shopping with Lurline today...I want to see about getting some bright backing fabric for the wonky star quilt...and while out, you never know I might find more of that spot fabric...not holding my breath though!
I've had some great ideas from you girls about how to finish off these wonky star blocks....thank you all so much for your comments.
I'll have a play again with them this after noon.....I'm also thinking perhaps just plain old black instead of the spot fabric...

Have a great day...I'm going shopping!....♥


  1. And a big wave back to you Julia! I wish I could go shopping with you and Lurline. Let us know what goodies you find. I love the fruit stack your Mom gave you. How very beautiful and what special memories. I hope you can locate the cleaner. Also, one lady commented on my blog that she uses a soft paint brush to reach crevices on delicate ceramics.

  2. Oh yes, please share the goodies you find. I too, wish I could go shopping around with you both!!!

    Enjoy your time together!

  3. Hi Julia,
    Love the fruit basket, you must certainly take good care of it, because it looks brand new. Wish I looked as good...I was born in 1965too. Can't wait to see all your goodies from your shopping trip.

  4. Julia, I've only just thought, but don't Spotlight have some lovely black spot fat 1/4's?

  5. Your fruit stack shows it age/time through it's style. Love it! 8-)
    Hope you and Lurline find what you are looking for, and more of course!
    Personally, I've been shopping my stash...lol! But, I am going to a quilt shop on my way to the retreat this coming weekend! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

    have it all in one piece after all
    these years!!!

  7. Hi Julia,
    Looking at the internet I've found you and your ceramic fruit stack. I have one which is exactly the same and was wondering if you know more about it. Mine is scratched at the bottom presumably where the name was, so there are no other clues of where it came from or who made it. Does yours have a name at the bottom? Do you know where your Mum bought yours from? Do you know if it's Italian? Is it valuable? Any information from you will be very much appreciated. Regards,


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