Monday, February 23

Bushfire Quilt...wonky stars

Nine more wonky star blocks done for the bushfire quilt..
I was really hoping to have this quilt done this week...but I've hit a snag!
I've run out of the black and white spot fabric..I have rounded up some other spotty fabric from my stash, smaller spots, which I thought would be Ok ...but it looks a bit grey here, can you pick it in this photo!
I was hoping to make the quilt 4 blocks wide by 5 blocks long..

What do you think, would it really matter....they are black, but being smaller spots look a bit grey here...I could spread the new blocks out among the other blocks!
I have emailed Teena, where I bought the first lot from last year...fingers crossed she still has some in stock
I really would like it all to be the same...that's just me, I'm going wonky, Dh said wacky!...but not quite very liberated yet!

Have a great day...♥


  1. what a great quilt. what about doing a reverse block. making the points black and the rest bright colors.

  2. It is beautiful and I think it would be fine to just spread the blocks out among the darker black.

  3. Julia that is beautiful! You did a wonderful job. I think we're all going wonky-wacky with you :O)

  4. I would put one of the off colored blocks in each row...maybe even adding different shades of grey...

    Just a thought. It is a gorgeous quilt though.

  5. What about 10 black, 10 'grey' - coloured sashings in between - maybe 1" and coloured border - whatever takes your fancy - pieced or a bright coloured print? TT has a sale and I think I could take you down tomorrow morning!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  6. Ok Julia, Here is my design for you to solve your problem. You have twelve dark squares put six of them in two of the opposite corners, and then put all the not so dark ones in the will look like you intended it to be that way! :)

  7. Very nice. I like messy Karen's idea. Wonder what it would look like. That's a good alternative to scatter the smaller print blocks throughout.

  8. Hi Julia,
    If you want it to be 4 blocks by 5 rows (20 blocks total), use the 10 blocks with the black and white dots you've already made and alternate them with 10 new blocks made from white fabric with black dots for the background fabric, if you can find it...or any white with a small dot. You can use the left over black blocks for a pillow. oh my gosh did this make any sense?? I should have just said alternate black and white blocks!!

  9. If you can't get any more of the
    other you are checking on, I don't
    see anything wrong with making some
    more of the gray-ish and just
    scattering them around with the
    others you have already made. It
    is such a fun quilt and will be
    any way you have to finish it out!

  10. HI Julia...This job is very nice... you work only day too much ....

  11. The quilt looks lovely and I agree with everyone to use the "greyish" background in a deliberate way-alternating or creating a second design X or something would be great...I hate when something like this happens even though the end result is good-it always takes me a while to wrap my mind around a different look than my mental image.

  12. Julia, it's such a lovely bright quilt - I agree with the ladies who mentioned scattering the 'grey' blocks throughout.

  13. If I had to include the lighter background, I'd put them across the top and bottom rows.

  14. I am sure that there are people who are very happy with your quilts, no matter if there are more or less black or grey in it. It is handwerk, no industry !

  15. They are wonderful. I think it would be just fine to spread the new blocks out amongst the others. It will be loved and treasured either way. :~)


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