Saturday, February 14

Bushfire Blocks....

Are they wonky enough!..
Yesterday, after a lovely birthday lunch with Dh , I came home and made up a couple of star blocks for Tia...Tia is collecting these blocks to make up quilts for the bushfire appeal here in Australia..
They were really easy and quick to make, just made it to the post office in time for the postman's collection before they shut.
I'm thinking I would like to do a whole star quilt, great way to use up a lot of scraps and left over pieces of fabric.....
Tia had a great's great to see everyone helping out and doing their bit for the cause...
This makes a great charity quilt, pop over and have a look at the scrappy one Bonnie made ..

Must go, have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned..


  1. Love your blocks! The colors are so pretty! This was a great project and fun to do...i can't wait to make a full quilt in these blocks! Have a great weekend!

  2. What nice blocks! Thank you for the tut yesterday, I love the little bluebirds, they would be nice on a lot of things.

  3. Happy Birthday dear sweet Julia! Hope you had a lovely day. Thank you so much for our gift. You are so lovely and generous.

    Your wonky stars are perfect (so to speak). I suspect Tia will have enough for dozens of quilts by the time she's through. How would this block go for our next charity project?

    *big hugs*

  4. Love the stars. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoy your time with Joe.

  5. Happy BD Julia!
    You were born on the 13th...lucky you! My DD was also born on the
    13th ... of November ... it was Fiday! I've always considered these days special!

    Lovely project you've shared here!

  6. Julia they're wonderful!
    I'm hoping to do some myself.
    It's so good to see everyone doing whatever they can to help these people! Woooho!

  7. The Bushfire blocks are great and a lovely idea to help out.
    Thanks for the Birthday Gift for the armchair. I've printed it out and will make it soon.

    You have put a lot of time and effort into this gift and it is appreciated.

  8. Love the star blocks, they are wonky enough. Very cute!

  9. I missed reading the posts for a couple of days . I am sure I am going to enjoy doing your bluebirds caddy. Hugs Margaret

  10. It looks great...and I agree that it would look lovely as a whole quilt!!!

  11. Hi Julia the blocks are fantastic...Happy Birthday to you..and I just love your sewing caddy...

  12. Oh, that answers that! They are brightly wonky!


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