Saturday, January 31

This and That!...

Now that the civil war quilt is finished, I think I'll take a break from doing anything BIG for a while...
Here's a little three dimensional Geranium flower wall's a bit hard to see, but the flower petals stand out three dimensional and all have tiny glass beads to the centre of each flower...
Sorry this photo is not the best....perhaps clicking on the photo may bring it up better!

The civil war quilt, borders on and all ready for the longarm quilter...can't wait to get it all quilted and on the bed!
It's a bit big to get a good photo of the whole quilt, but you can see a couple of the corners here..

Off to see what is next to do...should really finish off a couple of UFO's!

Until next time....♥


  1. I love the 3-d geranium. Your civil war quilt is so pretty. I really like the colors.

  2. I have seen that 3-D geranium one other time but I can't remember where. It is very striking in person. Imagine a quilt covered in those!

  3. The geranium has come up looking adorable, anyone would be pleased to have it hanging on the wall.

  4. Julia, you are amazing - your posts are always interesting and inspiring.
    I'm so glad Joe is blogging again - he is a mine of information also!

  5. I can't wait to see the CW quilt done - it's going to be a beauty!

  6. I really love that civil war quilt! It's beautiful!


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