Monday, January 5

Socks...nearly a pair!

This is for Lynnie...waving to you Lynnie!

I've been a good girl and knitted this far on my second sock...but now I need , help!
I have done the heel flap, but can't quite understand how to turn the hell, just need you to get me started....thank you.

Another hot day today...a quick trip to pay some never ending bills and then inside under the air-con to sew..
Have a lovely day, whatever your doing...♥


  1. These are really pretty. I hope Lynnie can help you!!

  2. I admire anyone who can knit and I love the colours of those socks .
    Clare's Craftroom

  3. I have never learned how to knit but they are beautiful!!!


  4. Sorry I can't help you Julia...but they are very nice cozy looking socks. I Like socks!!!

  5. Julia, you are so talented! I am amazed, and intimidated, by how much you are able to accomplish!!

    ~ Christine

  6. I've got a sock kit waiting for me in a dark cupboard, a gift I received last February! Your cute socks are inspiring me to go dig that wool out and finally start. ;-)

  7. Socks are pretty ~& you made me smile!

  8. Socks looking great Julia! 8-)
    Shall I ship you some snow to cool you down? lol!


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