Wednesday, January 21

Quilts for Cancer Fundraising...

I just had to share this gorgeous picture with you...
Isn't she the cutest little girl you ever saw......I think her T-shirt says it all....♥
Now, if this picture doesn't tug at the heart strings and make anyone want to do something to help, I don't know what would!

Remember this quilt, and of course several others the girls put together for Cancer Fundraising, we took them up to the guild yesterday...sorry I forgot to take my camera.
The quilts were a huge success, the girls that took the time to make up all those nearly 90 blocks were thrilled to see what we had done with them.
Dear Teena, who is closing down her shop, generously donated all the pink fabric...
Thank you so much Teena for your kind generosity...
Now to get them finished off and see how much we can raise for this very worthwhile cause...

BTW, This coming long weekend, Teena is having a huge "Garage Sale" at her shop to clear up what's left of her stock...if you live around here, it would be well worth a visit....♥

Must try to get some stitching done today...have a great day!....♥


  1. What a wonderful cause Julia. Hope you have fun stitching today.

  2. I hope your quilts raise lots of money. God Bless you for doing that!


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