Monday, January 19

Petal Drawstring Bag....Tutorial

I'm still working on my Civil War quilt.
I am determined not to let it be another until I get a bit more done on it to show you, here's a little tutorial I have in my files for this sweet drawstring bag....
Mine is made up in CQ...but you can of course make it up in a pretty fabric of your choice, if you so's looks just as pretty.

Flower Petal Bag.
24in x 10 ½ in of Main fabric
24in x 10 ½ in of lining fabric
5in x 5in of lining fabric to cover template plastic for base
4 ½ in x 4 ½ in square piece of template plastic for base
1½ yards of cord
Assortment of beads

¼ in seams allowed for in pattern.

You first need to make up a simple pattern using the measurements given above...

Fold main fabric piece in half, right sides together (12in x 10 ½ in).
Make a pattern for the petals using the pattern guidelines and measurements given
Cut the petals to shape with the pattern.
Stitch the side seams together, leaving an opening in the seam an inch below the petals for the cord. This is a side on view showing paper bag bottom..Open the bottom fold line and line up the seam to the fold line.
Measure up the side seam 2 ½ in from the bottom fold line and mark with a pin.
Stitch across at the 2 ½ in point to form a paper bag bottom.
Repeat at the other side seam of the bag, completing the paper bag bottom.
Turn to right side out

Repeat this same process for the lining fabric, this time leaving open the side seam to turn bag through to the right side when finished.

To line bag:
Leave the lining inside out.
Place the main fabric bag inside the lining, with seams lined up, pin the petals of main fabric and lining fabric together to hold in place.
Stitch around the petals.
Clip the points and corners.
Turn to the right side through the opening in the lining and slip stitch the opening closed.
Roll out the petals between your fingers and press carefully.
Draw a line across the bag just below the petals and machine stitch around the bag.
Machine stitch another row ½ in below this row to form a casing for the cord
Bead the tips of the petals with beads to compliment the main bag fabric.
Cut the cord in half to make two lengths, using a safety pin thread the cord through the casing, go right around coming out the same opening as you started, tie the two cord ends together.
Repeat with the second piece of cord at the other opening.

To make the plastic base, fold fabric right sides together and sew up three sides.
Turn through to the right side, place plastic inside and close up the last side with ladder stitch.
Place inside bag.
Fill with a generous dose of love, seal with a kiss and give to a very special person.

In friendship...♥


  1. Julia - you are so very talented. This is just beautiful and I spot butterflies!!! Keep us posted on the Civil War quilt - it sure is going to be a treasure. Hope you have a good day.

  2. Thanks so much for the tutorial Julia ... your bag is just beautiful!!!
    Joy :o)

  3. Beautiful purse, one day I'll start quilting. It's so hope to use your tutorials one day.
    Thanks for your comment in my blog. I've been doing bobin lace for about 1 year, with a private teacher. Hope to proceed. I am working at home mostly, translating, and I have some time for stitching, crochetting etc... but not always, it just depends on concrete work.

  4. That has to be one of the most gorgeous purses I've ever seen-

    Now if I only knew how to sew...


  5. Oh, Julia, thank you so much for this tutorial. My grandaughters will just love this.

    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  6. what beautiful work. i might try this in my prettiest fabric of course. so you can't tell the CQ is missing.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Purse!
    I love the dragonflies!
    makes mine look like a sows ear!)

  8. Adorable bag Julia! Another great tute too! Thanks!
    Your Hexagons are looking great too! Happy stitchings! 8-)

  9. Excellent tutorial; thanks for sharing. I will have to make one.

  10. What an exquisite purse to take to the theatre, or anywhere special. Thanks for the tutorial I may have a go one day.

  11. Magnificent purse! And your instructions are excellent! What talent and stunning creativity! Soooooo awesome!

  12. this is lovely....sooo 'foo-foo'...thanks for the tutorial!


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