Thursday, January 8

Lyn's Gift....RAOK!

I got mail!

I am so lucky....dear Lyn of Bluebird Quilts sent me this absolutely beautiful Japanese block that she had made, a gorgeous piece of black fabric, beautiful button and cord trim.
The photo does not do the fabric piece justice.
The fabric is a tone on tone black.
Lyn did email me for my addy, but what a surprise to open the parcel and find these gorgeous gifts..,Lyn was going to use the block in a quilt, but felt the colours weren't quite right.
Thank you so much Lyn, for choosing me for this 'Random Act Of kindness'.

I should be sewing, but I've done nothing!
Happy stitching...


  1. What a fabulous block ... and the fabric looks so nice.
    What a lovely thing for Lyn to do :o).

  2. Lucky you, thats really pretty.


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