Tuesday, January 13

Hussif Gift & Charity Quilts..

Well today is going to be a bit of a fun and sewing filled day..

Our little Patchwork group are going to Teena's today to help put together Pink blocks for Cancer fund raising quilts..

Last year, I think it was in September...not sure, anyway, Teena donated lots of pink fabric to the guild for the girls to make up pink blocks to raise funds for breast cancer...I think we got back close to 90 12" blocks, and today us "Girlfriends" as we like to call ourselves are having a Sewing Bee to make the blocks up into quilts...

One of the girls is also celebrating her 60th birthday, and have we got a surprise for her!
more on that tomorrow...♥
Above is the front of a gorgeous Mauve Silk Vintage style hussif that I made Barb for her 60th, inside from the left there is a needle book, provisions for pen, scissors, crochet thimble holder and a little pocket for whatever...

Dear Teena who owned a Patchwork and Craft shop closed down to allow herself more free time to enjoy life and have more time to herself....Teena now has an online shop, lots of great bargains to be had, Please pop on over and have a look, just might be something there for you...
Must get ready, Lurline is picking me up soon...♥


  1. That is a lovely gift. Lucky girl!

  2. oh, wow, your gift is just beautiful! of course i love the color! and your pink block project has a special place in my heart because my mom is a breast cancer survivor, so thank you! ♥

  3. What a lovely gift you made. Beautiful color and is that a butterfly?

  4. What a lovely gift! It is so sewing! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! Let's see my birthday is in April. Just kidding! lol

  6. It's absolutely gorgeous!

    Cathy :)

  7. I've never heard of a 'hussif' - but it's so pretty!!

  8. The hussif is gorgeous! Your friend is lucky to get it and you are wonderful to make it for her.

  9. Your needle-book is so pretty! I am planning to made one, stitched.


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